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  1. Thank you SK0 for letting us know. My sincere condolences to his family and all that are touched by Jack's writings.
  2. Hello Everyone My best wishes to ALL for a Healthy, Happy and Very Prosperous New Year!
  3. WMCN=what must come next, what is WWT? Indeed it is a challenge on Friday afternoons, and especially on expiration Friday Best thing I know to do is just to monitor bar by bar. And after each bar ask myself wmcn? If I do not know the answer, just wait until the market points the way again. I hope that helps. I will not be able to post charts on daily basis for a while. Posting my daily charts here have helped my learning process over the past year (time flies while we are having fun!). Thus I hope that all that are learning here and monitoring the market will post to accelerate your learning process. Happy MADA!
  4. What do you mean by "cases" please? I use the following indicators on the chart. A big thank you to the generous traders ahead of me in this journey for providing these indicators! The rest I annotate by hand. Since I am in the process of training my mind, I thought that annotating by hand as much as possible is the way to train my brain to see what is unfolding.
  5. It was close to the end of the trading day. There has been some discussion about this earlier in the thread. Innersky gave good advice above. Not yet. Will you post a chart to illustrate your question?
  6. If you are addressing my chart of June 9th... It was continuation of the annotations from the previous day. You can see this clearly with nkhoi's NoGap indicator on my June 9th chart, indicating the start of the down container (brown) with the declining red volume bars. Note that the down brown container is nested within the light blue up container and in turn nested within the up green container. Each fractal is busying itself with its own sequence. It would help if you will post your chart to make sure we are talking about the same sequence you are addressing. (attach under advanced tab - additional options - manage attachments - upload) In the attached snippet, note that we have a dominant black volume zone, followed by a dominant red volume zone that is lower in height. Dominant black volume move, followed by a non-dominant red volume move. Hmmm. Note also that the low point of the down container is still above the adjust point 1 level. Thus what must follow next? Ofcourse if my annotations are correct, a dominant move to complete the sequence must follow at that fractal. Let's see what tomorrow brings Happy MADA!
  7. rs5

    The Race

    Greetings All I wish to thank each and every one of the participants for sharing your trading logs. Thank you for sharing and allow us to share in your joy on great days, and even braver, in days not as great as one were expecting. Just a note about posting - frequent postings adds to the lively activities of a gathering crowd and ease of locating this thread on the main page That said, the posting should not deter the trading. I am cheering for each brave trader here on this journey :)
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