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  1. Hi Farridin Some more morality John the apostle wrote Revelation. He then helped George Taylor write TTT. Both incomprehensible You can use both books to "press"leaves. Theres another thread on TL ," Beyond Taylor ", which has some useful info It was started by Mishibushi, a London car dealer, but very knowledgable. The posts used to be numbered, but no more Look for Patucas posts from page 29. He is the only trader I have seen to start a book,trade daily using TTT, document it, and show a profit Worth a read Regards bobc
  2. Hey Patuca How you doing? I was thinking about you the other day. I have this option on the Brooklyn Bridge and I know how you love a bargain. Let me know Kind regards bobc
  3. The beat goes on, after all these years........... Hi Farridin If you wanted to learn to play golf, what would you do? Read everything you can find on Golfers Laboratory. Study all the books on the subject.Talk to lots of golfers.And practise on the range... lots. SIM . Then you have a few real games.Not quite what you expected.you need some lessons! The same with TTT. Find a mentor.And if you have to pay Richbois, it will save you years of struggle. You must have the same chart as the expert and follow him with the count, see when he enters/exits. Otherwise you are wasting your money. Try Elovermore, if hes still around. And after all the lessons, you will face five up days in a row F..k Nobody explained this And the you face nine down days in a row, double f..k Good luck bobc PS Dont listen to zdo
  4. Heres an interesting article on how the Spot Gold market works. Paper Gold Market: A Look Inside The Secret World And its mostly paper trading. No physical delivery. What would happen if a client asked for delivery? bobc
  5. Heres some info for the Brexit referendum in Sept. Everybody is short the GBP, because it will weaken on a possible EXIT of GB. So no matter what the outcome, the GBP will strengthen.Hows that for trading logic Buy the GBP just before the referendum. And this logic leads to a weaker $, and GOLD goes up. And as I say to myself every morning at 2.30am,"anything can happen" regards bobc The GBP idea comes from Jared Dillian of Maudlin Economics
  6. Gold is moving up because the $ is weaker and OIL is weaker. That fits my plan Equities are up because the FED says no more interest hikes. That fits my plan BUT Equities and OIL work together. They go up and down together. And Gold and Equities work in opposite directions.So everything is out of step, and corrections are required.Wish I knew what will correct. Gut feel says the Feds comments are the strongest :missy: So Equities are good. OIL and the $ are going sideways. And Gold is going down. JUST NOT TODAY. Silver was up 5% yesterday... Second day play gives it another move higher.You can buy from zdo. He is selling :doh::doh: regards bobc
  7. Dear zdo What has happened to all your Silver holdings? regards bobc
  8. Hi zdo Dont believe everything you read Kind regards bobc
  9. Hi zdo, Interesting post. Gold has gone sideways for a while, and theres a strong support level.. So we just need a catalyst to go UP. Weak $ and expecting another 3% fall. Almost a BUY .... with some rules Regards bobc
  10. LOL:rofl: My wife is a psychologist. I have sent your post to her for comment. Dont worry , I will keep it all confidential. But I think you have a problem. bobc
  11. Hi zdo Today is a public holiday in sunny South Africa. Markets closed. And my big money game on the golf course was disasteraous. Why do you want to short the index? Please dont post someone else 's idea. In your own words, why? kind regards bobc
  12. Hi zdo Heres my idea of when to get short the index. When OIL falls to 37.30, SELL 1 contract. (Index) Tight stop. When OIl falls to 36.30, SELL another contract. When OIL falls to 34.40, SELL another 2 contracts and pay a visit to your local Merc dealer.You might also want to visit your bullion dealer and buy some Gold/ Silver. If OIL goes above 39.00, SELL the merc and buy the index.. OIL is down 1.7% today.... BUT Euro Bank reduced interest rate to 0% today...... thats bullish. Kind regards bobc
  13. Heres a chart for GOLD showing some EDGE. Without EDGE you will fail :crap: Note after the TEST , you could have made some money. Also note GOLD is trading in a band with a breakout today on LOW VOLUME Its just a scalp BUY. Draw a line above and below the trading range ..... thats consolidation. Until we see another TEST. Then Bobs your uncle. And if it breaks either way , there MUST be volume, otherwise its false. bobc PS Warning I am trading CFDs and the chart might differ from yours.
  14. Hi zdo More............... Gold will rise if the Index falls..... my theory. So you should play a straddle, Sell the Index and Buy Gold..I think you like these sort of hedges. My view on a hedge is you have limited your risk and that obviously limits your profit. Whats happening at the moment is Gold is rising and the Index is rising. "Here comes that rainy day feeling again" There is another factor, ignoring the $. I think thats OIL. OIL is somehow affecting the price of Gold, and the latest bounce in OIL on raising inventries is false.And the professionals see this and are buying Gold on a rising OIL price. And while OIL says above $34, DONT SHORT THE INDEX. regards bobc PS . Please post an index chart. regards bobc
  15. Hi zdo Professionals sell into a rising market. Distribution. But they need to make sure there is no more strong demand. So they use a test. Nearly the holy grail. The market is marked higher using some news,and if there is no demand , closes back near the open , with VERY LOW VOLUME.The candle looks like a shooting star. What are you going to short and we can check for a test? No shorting until you see the test. But I think you know all this and the post is for traders who might just short stocks on your say so. regards bobc
  16. Dera zdo My "tongue in cheek" post was written to try and get you to stop posting in riddles....and use understandable English. It was meant to show that your comments could be interpreted differently to your real meaning. And the Judge was my wife ... a qualified English school teacher. It was not meant to be a personal attack.So I am sorry if my bad communication offended you. kind regards bobc
  17. Hi zdo So what you are saying is..... You have this long PHYSICAL position. You actually own the Gold. :doh: So you must have bought it years ago. At about $1400.:haha: And now you are hedging it. You are adding Short positions to your Long. And if Gold goes to $1300 you will be stopped out. :helloooo: Good luck I still dont understand how you will make a profit. It looks like you are trying to recoup a loss bobc
  18. Hi MG Did you read this somewhere?Or is this your own view? :smoking: Hold it . I know. You are SunTraders cousin. :haha: The $ has lost ground, with more to follow...... weak NFPReport, possible hold back on FEd action. So I would think Gold is bullish. Kind regards bobc PS Got any ideas on Oil??
  19. Hi Michael You still short? :question::question:: :cinema: regards bobc
  20. Well MM, You have reached that pinnacle of success The workers fail to understand either you or zdo. bobc
  21. Well done zdo, I look forward to the posts kind regards bobc
  22. AAH ,Michael, About 3 years ago I realised how you could be so confident in calling the BEAR. And I forgot about it. You are trading options. No drawdown. Until the end. Notice Gold goes up on good volume with nice big candles, and falls on decreasing volume. Thats a sign of strngth. and the price is holding UP near 1120, even though the Stock Market is strengthening.Maybe zdo has a point, pullback and then move to 1140. bobc
  23. AAH ,Michael, About 3 years ago I realised how you could be so confident in calling the BEAR. And I forgot about it. You are trading options. No drawdown. Until the end. bobc
  24. Sorry zdo, about the Mississippi redneck.I got you mixed up with Michael (SunTrader) :rofl::rofl: My friend Patuca come from Alabama :doh::doh: I googled your profile and I see you come from Mexico ;) On a more serious note.... "start a crude thread" :roll eyes: Unless it includes some indicator, it will get three responses.. People come to TL looking for the Holy Grail, which is usually an indicator. I DID. :helloooo: There is only one indicator ...... VOLUME. But thats a story for another day. And on a very serious note Today the SA Reserve Bank (equivalent of the FED), increased the interest rates by 50 bp. You can earn about 7% on your money, but if the Rand falls 10% at the same time.... how much did you make.? The increase in the interest rate immediatelly strenghtened the Rand,and the Gold price weakened a bit on a stronger Stock market. So that was the end of my marginal gold mine trades. Nobody said it was easy :bang head::did I say that?::did I say that?::did I say that?:. And its the last time I trade with a clean keyboard.:crap::crap: regards bobc
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