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  1. Hello fellow trader, I noticed in one of your posts that you said you graduated from the online trading academy and I was wondering if I could pick your brain a bit : ) I look forward to talking with you

  2. MarketGeometry.com and Timothy Morge misrepresents what you get from them. It is not a trading room per se but offers mentorship to subscribers at different subscription levels. The website offers a premium subscription for mini-mentorship. It says you will get Timothy Morge on Mon, Wed, Fri for mini-mentorship. Mr. Morge has 35 years experience according to the website but he usually claims 40 years to include when he was 12 and hand-charted for his brother. Mondays have Tim. But they are free to anyone and are subsidized by CME Group. Mondays are usually good because of the CME Group sponsorship. Fridays rarely have Tim. It is only Shane Blankenship most of the time. Shane was/is a truck driver. No where on the website does it say what his trading experience is. No where on the website does it say that Shane will present the mini-mentorship sessions. Shane spends the time marking on charts where swing highs and swing lows are. The pace is very slow. There are seldom any trading ideas given. Those that are given are after the fact on how a setup could have been traded -- easy to be right then. Wednesdays will have Shane also. Sometimes Tim will sit in and watch Shane present. Shane spends the time marking the charts with lines showing swing highs and swing lows. If you are brand new to trading, you probably need this information. Otherwise, don't bother. You can ask questions but they get so many that rarely do mine get answered. They also do an intense focus session. The session is half hour long. No questions. The first intense focus talked about how to identify swing highs and swing lows. The second session talked about what an outside bar is. So far, that is all there has been. The sessions alternate between Timothy Morge and Shane Blankenship. I was very disappointed. I thought I'd learn a lot from someone with Mr. Morge's experience. They over-promise and under-deliver.
  3. My TS version 2612 quit working on XP. Removed and reinstalled 4 times with no luck. I had to take almost everything off of my laptop so nothing was left but XP. Then I tried again and it worked. Then I foolishly upgraded to 2696. Discovered a lot of bugs in that version and went back to version 2612. I have had no problems running on Vista 64 sp 1. But I stripped and finetuned Vista before I installed TS on it. I am going to move away from TS. It is an easy to use platform but I need something different.
  4. Execution speed: sometimes you don't get filled. Many times you see significant slippage even with limit orders. If you trade odd lots, you will have more of a problem. I used TerraNova TradientPro before Tradestation and their execution for odd lots was much better than TradeStation. Datafeed: You can get disconnected but the software does automatically reconnect. Sometimes the datafeed will get out-of-sync between the price you see on the level 2 time and sales window and the price you see on the candlestick chart. Commission and fees: low cost if you trade enough shares to waive the platform fee of $100/month. Client support: it'll take 24 hours to get a response to an email but the response usually does answer your question. Phone support isn't very good. The forums are not searchable unless you are running IE under Windows. In fact much of their website is unusable unless you login using IE under Windows. It'd be a much better product if their forums were more usable. Even when the search does work, you can't finetune so that it finds what you really want. Overall: Its charting is very good. I used ThinkOrSwim and it frustrated me because its windows used too much screen real estate so you were very limited in how much you can put on your desktop. With Tradestation, you can use multiple monitors. You can also set up multiple workspaces. The workspaces are simply additional tabs on the desktop. Click the tab and you switch over to a different set of charts. That is great if you like to track lots of stocks and/or multiple timeframes. If something better came along, I'd probably switch. But for now, I'm satisfied.
  5. Some people do learn better "hands-on" than by reading a bunch of books and articles. As for the web, how do you know which web sites have accurate information that will work for your style of trading (rhetorical). The course isn't for everyone which is why the free workshop is good to attend first to introduce you to what will be taught in the course. And the course is greatly improved by what the instructor brings to the course, if anything. You are right -- 7 days is only the beginning -- and you will have to keep learning on your own. If you want to day trade, statistics say only 5-7% are successful long-term. At the risk of going off-topic, here are some calculators that may be useful but I'm not intending any new comments on this thread since it is off-topic: http://traders-anonymous.com/calculators.aspx
  6. OTA has a lot of different types of classes: options, forex, equities trading, etc. I took the equities trading 7 day class - Professional Trader I and II. The first time it was horrible. Didn't learn anything. May have written 1/2 page of notes over the entire 7 days! I had more knowledge from books than the instructor who may have been trading for a few years but hadn't taught himself anything! I signed up for a retake and that experience was much better. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable. I took about 30 pages of notes over the 7 days. If I do another retake, it'll cost me money but luckily I shouldn't need to after this instructor. Bottom line: it is completely dependent on who the instructor is. Some are terrible, some are wonderful, most are medium. I talked with a lot of other students at an alumni event about their instructors. They concur with me. It's a lot of money so think carefully. Read a few books first. The course is an odd mix of very basic information (what is bear/bull market) and technical tools (using Fib. for retracement). OTA does offer a free 1/2 day to sell you on their courses. I think the free 1/2 day is worth your time. You get to know who is running the training center and how sincere they are.
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