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    Escaped the Peoples Repulik of Illinois at the age of 12. Lived in Northern Arizona for 20 years. Currently reside in South-West Missouri.
    I like to read, cook and blow shit up.
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  1. Just take them for a short drive south. The poverty in Mexico is a real eye-opener for us spoiled Americans. My first trip there literally changed my worldview 180 degrees. My perspective of my own life changed radically as I realized just how blessed I am. I immediately realized that I already am very wealthy. A short drive up to the Navajo reservation should provide a wake-up call as well. There are many non-profits out there that I already support and wish I could give much more to. There's no end to worthy causes out there that could do so much more except for the lack of funds. If I had lots more money than I already do, I would love to travel the world. There are so many wonders out there, I don't think I could ever tire of seeing it all. I would also love to get a degree for the pure joy of it, instead of the need for career advancement.
  2. Here's a list of trading books I have for sale: All are in very good condition. PM me if you would like more information. You can contact me directly at rangerdoc-at-centurytel-dot-net if you prefer. I'll consider trades for anything Wyckoff related that I don't already have. I'm also looking for a copy of Bright Future by Martin Cole. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs from Missouri, USA. I would prefer we use Paypal to protect both buyer and seller. For sale on TL for a week or two.. after that they all go on sleazeBay. All have dust jackets unless noted. Premium Books: Technical Traders Guide to Computer Analysis of the Futures Market - Lucas & LeBeau New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems - Welles Wilder (Book is excellent- dust cover is in poor shape) Classics: Technical Analysis of Stock Trends - Edwards & Magee 6thEd. The Wall Street Jungle - Richard Ney Pit Bull - Marty Schwartz Elliott Wave Principle - Prechter & Frost (no dust jacket) (I'll throw in "Elliott Wave Simplified - Droke") All are hardcover unless otherwise noted: Technical Analysis Power Tools for Active investors - Gerald Appel (no dust jacket) Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom - Van Tharp (no dust jacket) Way of the Turtle - Curtis Faith The Three Skills of Top Trading - Hank Pruden Day Traders Course - Lewis Borsellino Trading Chaos - Bill Williams Optimize Your Trading Edge - Bo Yoder Daytrading Into the Millenium - Michael Turner The Electronic Daytrader - Friedfertig & West The following are all softcover.. and are offered as one lot (would be an excellent starter for the beginning trader): Market Wizards - Jack Schwager 21 Candlesticks Every trader Should know - Pasternak Unlocking Trading Performance With Money Management - Dave Stendahl Charting made Easy - John Murphy Moving Averages Simplified - Droke Support & Resistance Simplified - Thomsett Swing Trading Simplified - Larry Spears
  3. I first heard about Wyckoff in an audio interview that Dave Allman did for Wall Street Uncut. Can't remember who the interviewee was, but I heard the name mentioned more than once in his interviews. Next, I heard Wyckoff from Raschke. It wasn't until I'd reached the end of my indicator rope (or security blanket) that I decided to learn more about Wyckoff, volume, price action, etc.
  4. I'm not one to make a habit of bumping old threads, but based on earlier discussion, this is clearly the best place to post a link to the original Wyckoff course: The Richard D Wyckoff Method of Trading and Investing in Stocks: A Course of Instruction in Stock Market Science and Technique. Wyckoff - Course.pdf
  5. I would also like to discuss the DayTradeToWin e-book with you. Yours is very different from mine, even though both have the same publish date.(2007). I'd like to compare.

    Please contact me at rangerdoc1029@gmail.com

  6. Maybe a plugin. There's a small "+" in the lower right corner of the pictures in my browser. Click and they open a full-page pic. I'm not sure about copyright, so I'm not gonna attach files. But here's links directly to the full-size images: July 30 July 31a July 31b
  7. Have you looked at his new site yet? He's posting daily reviews of ES. Wish I could be a fly looking over his shoulder for a few weeks. Trading is a very lonely journey. Watching someone else perform successfully could really help us beginners get a better feel for a particular methodology to see it it could work. As a novice, sometimes it's really difficult to know if a tactic is a mismatch & thus may never be profitable for me vs. just a lack of skill that can be improved with screen time & prep. Anyway, For a few months I've been using Brook's methods on the EURUSD mainly for setup and entry triggers. I find buying breakouts takes more guts due to the poor R:R. However, with the extra confirmation I have a higher win % than trying to buy at the reversal. One issue with Forex is that you are dealing with 100 ticks (10 pip) target instead of 4. It's kind of like when stocks went to decimalization & it killed the scalpers, but worse. I demo traded ES & trade EURUSD live. I find the price action of the e-mini to be much more conducive to scalping. Gonna have to stick to bread & butter trades with forex and save Brooks for the e-mini.
  8. That's always a tough one. You get what you pay for. Unfortunately, beginning traders can't afford quality mentoring or any other real-time access to successful traders. Basically, we need someone to be charitable by making it affordable to beginners. That's asking a lot.
  9. The pattern day trading rule may be an issue with trading the SPY on a 15m chart if you have a balance less than $25,000. Not sure since I don't trade equities. You can get a demo from any broker, but most if not all are for 30 days only. The best way around is to open a live account with a broker. Most brokers will give you an indefinite demo account if you have a funded account with them.
  10. Most Open Range Breakout systems take the highest high and lowest low of the first few bars after the open. 30 minutes is typical. The setup is long when price goes above the high and short when price breaks below the low. The difference between systems is mostly in the entry trigger, stops & profit target. The web is overflowing with free information on ORB systems. Just do a Google search. Another good resource (but very expensive) is a book by Toby Crabel, "Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and Open Range Breakout". It's likely you'll come across the term "Crabel Patterns" when researching ORB systems.
  11. I noticed that in the webinar "A Month of Great Trades", Al skipped quickly over several slides. I extracted all the slides and saved them as a PDF for those who wish to review them. A Month of Great Trades - Slides.pdf
  12. Like Brooks, Linda Rachke is always talking about looking for places where traders are trapped and taking the other side when they bail. Raschke is very similar to Brooks, except she tends to target swings, while Brooks is a pure scalper. Raschke is also very quick to credit Wyckoff & Taylor. I think "Buy low, sell high" does a great disservice to many. It can work great for reversals. But you'll get your ass handed to you in a trending market. Echoing what thalestrader said, I'm a "buy strength, sell weakness" guy. Even at bottoms, I'm looking for a show of strength at support before I go long & I sell at the first sign of weakness near resistance. So trend trading can consist of buying high & selling low.
  13. It's an open range breakout system.
  14. This is extremely important advice. Focus on trading well, not on making money. A surgeon isn't thinking about the new golf clubs he's gonna buy with the money you're paying him while he's in the operating room. A pro athlete isn't thinking about the money he's making while on the field. He's focusing on playing well. And I sure as hell wouldn't hire anyone who was thinking about his paycheck all day long instead of focusing on the task at hand.
  15. Yes, because the previous bear bar counts as a pullback. This is explained in the first webinar video, "Short-Term Emini Strategies That Work". A Link is posted earlier in this thread.
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