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  1. I like this one. It's nice and sleek and well within my price range. I appreciate your response.
  2. I'm shopping around for a new backup power supply, so in the event of a power outage my computer and modems will continue running long enough to close any open positions. I have one now but it is a rather aged hand-me-down, and it's somewhat of an eyesore in my office. I've read up on them online and there seems to be several different types to choose from, so I wanted to ask other traders what kind do you use or would you recommend? Please include the actual model # if possible. Thanks!
  3. I usually sample clips from a movie or song and chop them up in a wav editor and upload them. I have way too many to post here and I'm always changing them out just for fun. If anyone has a particular clip they would like sampled, I could probably do it or show you how if you don't already know.
  4. TraderBG


    Thanks for the reply BF. I guess the lack of market internals really isn't a big enough concern to completely rule out OEC. Internals really are not all that important in my trading. I do, however, wish OEC had more historical data, but perhaps this platform in conjunction with Sierra Chart, or the other software you mentioned, could get the job done. I think it's worth a trial run at least. Free data is mighty enticing. Thanks
  5. TraderBG


    Hi, I’m interested in giving OEC a try. I have a few questions from those of you who already use it. These would be my minimum requirements before even considering a trial of the platform: 1. Does the platform support range bar charts and sub-minute charts (10 second, 30 second etc)? 2. Does their data provide $Tick and $TickQ? 3. Is it possible to overlay one instrument over another? 4. How much historical Daily data is available? I think I read in the wishlist thread that internals are not available but perhaps this has changed? Thanks for any help
  6. I myself don't use arbitrary numbers for support and resistance but from what I've observed the TPO VAH and VAL will usually produce a bounce while the volume POC usually holds price and chops around more so than the TPO POC. But as others have mentioned, it's all about context as to whether the bounce off the TPO VAH and VAL will actually produce a tradeable reversal. If one is not reading the market correctly one could easily get drawn into the temporary bounce the VA levels cause only to get ran over when the auction resumes its course. Personally, I find the current day's levels of more use in my trading but not for support and resistance. Hope this helps.
  7. I would think that if the bill passed, the US markets would be untradable on an intraday basis due to the lack of liquidity.
  8. This is kind of interesting if you like to read: http://dsp-psd.tpsgc.gc.ca/Collection-R/LoPBdP/BP/bp419-e.htm
  9. I believe you are right and that it's very probable to never see the light of day. Then again, the current situation could be the perfect storm for a crazy idea like this. We have a very different kind of president in office with "change" on his mind, a nation extremely receptive to this "change" due to the current financial situation and a Congress full of radicals ready and willing seize this rare opportunity to further their cause. It's in my nature to be ever prepared for whatever obstacles life may throw my way. Step 1 for me is to know my options. The Dax and Stoxx sound like very good alternatives, and certainly worth looking into. I signed a petition and sent off letters to my reps last week. I'm glad to see this is getting more attention on message boards now. I'm not jumping ship yet I'm just getting my lifejacket on just in case.
  10. I've worked so hard to get my trading career off the ground and sacrificed so much. Now that I've finally found my footing and starting to earn a nice living, this hits. If this passes, I'm leaving the country...no doubt about this. I'm not simply going to throw in the towel on something I've invested so much time and money into. My only question is where do I go? Clearly, once this passes another exchange will step up and become the next "financial capital of the world" but which one? Which country is less likely to follow suit? Also, which country will be less of a culture shock for an American like myself? Is the Toronto Stock Exchange worth a look or maybe London? Any ideas?
  11. This has definitely been the case for me as well. I used to spend thousands of hours studying various indicators trying to devise the perfect trading setup. Unfortunately,I never could translate that hard work into a consistent profit, and I feel like I came away from that knowing very little about the market.
  12. Yes there are many traders who don't use indicators myself being one of them. Although I do slap an occasional MA or two up, these aren't used for signaling entries. I also heavily depend on S/R levels but not the ones based on calculations. But, aside from price, I rely on volume more than anything else.
  13. Woah 50%?! Geeze. 30% is quite a bit too. vinodg, you're referring to a given week and not a single trade right? As for me I treat each day individually so I don't have a set number for the week. My theory is this: The market doesn't care if i just lost a certain percentage of my account, so unless it's for psychological recuperation or reassessing my system's reliability, I wouldn't see a point in halting my for the remainder of the week simply because I'm down. But that's just me.
  14. Over regulation makes markets work less efficiently. This is freshman economics.
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