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  1. Stock Market Funding is a scam. They will take your money. Be sure you have a lawyer read the agreement you sign with SMF before committing any money to them. COTtrader
  2. I make money daily trading technical. Here is February 6 - premarket and open. 4 wins and 1 loss. Draw down is nearly non-existent. Stop loss is 4 ticks max. These are not scalp trades but solid winners! COTtrader
  3. Raymon, Your limit orders were not filled on SIM due to your entry price not having been penetrated. While this is not always true in LIVE trading, it is true in SIM if your platform setup looks for price penetration before a fill. Price touch will not work but penetration by at least one tick is required. COTtrader "Ken"
  4. Stephen,


    I had a small group meet for a webinar with Gavin Holmes this evening. The group is strongly considering whether or not to use Trade Guider. Do you still see it as an important tool for your trading? Do you get an exchange fee waiver using eSignal?


    Many thanks for your reply.




  5. Yes. I wholly concur. George has a good thing going. My greatest concern is that their data, while coming directly from Rythmic/ZenFire and is therefore fast, may still lack the accuracy necessary to those needing a "clean", accumulative market delta tick data. The Pivot Lines drawn on the OFA charts, IMO, are cumulative market delta lines after the close of the U.S. session. I also suspect that one may be able to recreate the OFA trade ladder by using a 6 tick PnF chart with a delta reversal periodicity to close the "auction" ladder and start a new one. The idea is presented here: Delta Reversal Periodicity[/media] COTtrader QUOTE=FulcrumTrader;83081]Brian, Back a few years ago, I did study a Volume Analysis tool Bill Duryea was using similar to what OrderFlowAnalytics has currently just developed...... http://www.tradingeducationexchange.com/products/images/ioamt/intraday.png In my opinion, the new OFA charting tool for Ninjatrader makes a lot of sense to me. Anytime a trader is developing their understanding of order flow/volume distributions and moving away from traditional price derived indicators, they are on a very robust path.
  6. Curtis, I ran your strategy on a 5 min chart and then compared it to the actual Jurik JMA/DWMA indicator that I have (paid for). The strategy looks to be very accurate and lines up with my indicator. However, you will soon discover that Jurik indies are not "black box" and therefore original inputs they come with must be tweaked. The settings in the strategy from TASC are in fact the original inputs that came with my Jurik JMA/DWMA indicator. But again, you will see that these settings may be more disinformational than informational. For example, if I were trying to protect an indicator's code, I might also use false inputs to throw off code gleaners. Anyway, you may find it useful on longer term timeframes. Keep up the good work. COTtrader Ken
  7. I thank you for throwing your money away so that I can make mine. Without your losses I would have no winners. Next time when you sell I will buy. Seriously..., I received my "come-upons" in forex and only later learned what a trading plan and good money management were about. That was a 5k education and then some. COTtrader
  8. This is a Metatrader file which cannot be opened. The coded file is the mq4 file which wasn't released to the public. the .ex4 will however work with Metatrader.
  9. The MT4 platform on the M1 does work for trading YM futures, especially during US market hours. Following is a sampling of trades. COTtrader "Ken"
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