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    Prop trader, algo trader, FXGears.com

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  1. Ever find a good app? I only know desktop apps that do decent tick charts (eSignal and NinjaTrader 8.)
  2. Where can a non-Chinese resident get access to China's on-shore futures exchanges?
  3. If you want to trade actual futures and not just CFDs, then Amp Global, and Optimus Futures (who I think is a partner on this site) offer MT5 as a platform that gives direct access to the CME, Eurex, and other futures exchanges.
  4. Perhaps he was already brought up in this thread or others.. but an entertaining example of someone who trades for a living (before retiring having made his money,) is Lakai -- TradeItDontDateIt He has a youtube with many videos of him just punting around sometimes hundreds of contracts of ES at a time.
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