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  1. I see most of PV participants have migrated here. This is reading Price Volume bar by bar indicator. I include 2 similar Ninja PV indicators. One needs Gom indicator so that it can run on history Bid and Ask. One run real time only, it will lose bid/ask data if you hit refresh the chart. The real time indicator is posted here only. Note: remember to change extension cs.txt back to cs only, Tip: expand the indicator to see hash marks better. ps.Indicator that uses Gom package works better. Download Basic Gom package here http://www.ninjatrader.com/support/forum/showthread.php?t=23283 BidAskPV.zip GomBidAskPVbyJackH.cs.txt
  2. anybody have video Channel for Beginner by bundlemaker? thanks.
  3. Jack posted some thoughts in trading forum and career forum but they got deleted right away. I was able to so save them in chit chat forum/ technical strategy thread (click on views to sort all threads by views, it ranks fourth place)
  4. actually it is Cory but it was already taken.
  5. what 'the man' said above also I look at picture and I notice each piece of three big pieces has 3 smaller pieces inside I think that is what the picture trying to convey.
  6. we were asked this question time after time, The answer way back when the method just got posted was 'may be' , 'I dont know', 'I hope so'. but now there are many 'yes' and if thing goes the way its there will be more yes still. Jack have been around more years than all your fingers and toes combine, if that is not long term, I dont know know what to tell you.
  7. a pic worths thousands words put up a pic with some lines on it, we can take it from there.
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