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  1. Renko Full Throttle PRO IndicatorNew Set is released for EURUSD 30 Min Chart: Recorded +650 Pips profit in the last year with28 total trades23 trades hit TP5 trades hit SLSuccess rate is 82%
  2. Renko Full Throttle PRO IndicatorGBPCAD 1H Chart:
  3. Here is the GBPJPY 30 Min for the last year it made about 1600 pips from 35 orders and currently we have sell order and its +100 pips and near to hit the target
  4. Renko Full Throttle PRO IndicatorThis is GBPJPY 1H chart for the last year (about 1500 pips) and the last trade is shown on chart and it made about 100 pip on 1 Oct also for XAUUSD 4H chart in the last year also it made about 900 pips
  5. Renko Full Throttle PRO IndicatorThank you all for your trust...Now " Renko Full Throttle PRO " is the best seller in the market as per MQL5 statistics in one month only after its release
  6. Renko Full Throttle PRO IndicatorDAX Renko Chart:
  7. Admin sorry for this mess while writing the thread it was not possible at all to write words but to attach messages only so i sent the messages then i found that i can post reply with the details but all looks mess so if possible to delete the 1st post would be great!
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