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  1. So what's happened with your strategy, can you post current results? Or is it just bs!!??
  2. Can someone please post the help files for ts 9.1 and later, thanks
  3. has anyone bought any of the systems at spbankbook.com? if so, email me I have some important info to share re the system/s. Liz Lizmerrill@aol.com
  4. On the site for paintbarfactory, the vendor is selling an option trading strategy, that he coins, "tent trading". Anyone know what the real strategy he is hawking is? iron condors? here, http://paintbarfactory.com/PBF-Tent-Trading.php
  5. anyone know the formula for larry williams, LW Sentiment indicator, proxy for market sentiment? Appreciate it, Liz
  6. re your code for "screaming fast ma's" with hull moving average: your code below does not have an error, but can "cheat", Value1 = jtHMA(price, length); Plot1(Value1, "jtHMA"); If ZeroVisible = true then Plot2(zeroLine, "Zero"); { Color criteria } if (Value1 > Value1[1]) then SetPlotColor[colourDeltaBar](1, upColour) else if (Value1 < Value1[1]) then SetPlotColor[colourDeltaBar](1, downColour); You recommend setting input, colourDeltaBar to 1, if so, then the indicator change which happened, today, for example, would show up on the chart, as of yesterday. Am I right? The value for the input should be zero,0. Please reply, Liz Merrill
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