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  1. oh thank....i know....we can construct the EOD data for the long term MP with the software but the problem is : I am constructing my MP chart with MS Excel....I need to know the right way to get long term chart, such as how to determine the opening/closing price for a particular month......:doh: is the opening/closing price of the 1st tday of the month opening/closing price for the month? Is it sound logic compare with the day timeframe?:doh:
  2. Dear all, I wonder how can I construct the long term MP chart by using the EOD data (i.e. Daily OHLC) insteads of using the 30 minutes intraday data to construct the day timeframe MP chart?:crap: How can I determine the Open with EOD Daily data? First of each month? :doh: Anyone here can guide me the way to this long term MP chart? TQ
  3. Hi, Soultrader, New mp trader here, I would to get ur advise about the opening's relationship to previous day.. As for the open within previous day's VA, the value area also include the VAH & VAL. Am I right ? As for the range, which mustt be the price area outside the VAH & VAL? Am I right?:doh:
  4. anyone try this WINdoTRADEr® software before? Is it standalone program? http://www.windotrader.com/WINdoTRADErsupregsup/tabid/54/Default.aspx:confused: I will e-mail them later for more detail, I do not need the real time data feed....I have my own metastock format tick data ....so the MP software shall be able to read the metastock format.........anyone can help? Thank You
  5. :doh: is there any standalone program for market profile avalible? I do not need the data vender but the software must be able to read the metastock tick data...anyone can help me ? TQ
  6. where u use the TPO chart calculator? mind to share the wedsite to me/us? TQ:o
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