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  1. Hey Bob, Really appreciate the input, will certainly check those out. Also sounds like you have a negative view on the Taylor method. Am I right? I get your thoughts in your previous post about a mentor and I agree that having a mentor can certainly speed up the learning process, maybe its something I will look into a some point but I am hoping this thread will have a lot of the answers. Especially if we can get some activity going on the thread again. There must be people out there still trading this method and also those new to it like myself wanting to learn. To be honest I ended up skipping past a lot of elovermore posts as I found his post as hard to read as the Taylor book itself. Also from what I picked up on he was explaining/trading it in his own way compared to how WHY?, Dogpile & Richbois explained everything. I certainly made progress from WHY? posts. Its a shame he hasn't been on TL for sometime. I live in London myself so maybe can try get in touch with Mishibusi and thanks for letting me know about the beyond Taylor thread will certainly be going through that. Many thanks. Regards, Farridin
  2. Hi Rich, Thank you for your reply. Have you been trading pure Taylor all that time or do you use it along side other methods? So do you use time & sales data as Taylor mentioned with regards to looking for support buying etc? Please could you explain how he used the previous days ranges for targets? I think I understand that on a buy day you would use the ss low to look for support for entries and the buy day high is your sell day objective, SS you use the sell day high to look for resistance for entries and the ss day low as possible exit for you ss trade. Im still trying to figure out how to use the decline and rally columns to gauge future movements as there doesn't seem to be any similar price movements. Im keep a book on 3 stocks right not not to trade live but just for educational purpose. Would you recommend trying TTT in the Futures Market instead? Also if price gaps down on open on SS day, trades down all day and rallies up a little from towards the end of the day to maybe half the days range, with the high of the day as the open price would that be low made 1st or high 1st? By the way working my way through my pivots. Hopefully will pick up some more helpful tips. Thanks again for your time. Farridin
  3. This is JOHN TAYLOR not George Douglass Taylor so this something completely different?
  4. Hi everyone. Excellent thread. Thanks to everyone who has contributed, it has been a massive help in learning to understand the TTT method. Is anyone still using pure Taylor method? I see some people have their own interpretation of Taylor's method but I would like to understand pure Taylor before deviating. I have gone through the whole thread I feel I am understanding the core concepts to the method but am having a little trouble getting the entries and exits right. I am using just a standard online broker I have some questions that if someone could help answer would be great. 1) without having access to time & sales data ("the tape") how would you monitor price action for entries at or around previous highs & lows? Are there certain indicators like volume that could be used? 2) Can the method be used with a spread bet account and be profitable is it better for cfd/share dealing? 3) From what I understand Taylor was more concerned with daily data but what intra day charts would be useful? I have only been studying TTT for about the last month or so and I haven't traded it live yet so just using a demo. Im based in the UK so will mainly be looking to trade stocks on LSE. I haven't got much experience in trading live. Would really appreciate any input. There will probably be more question so just hope we could maybe get this thread up and running again. Thanks in advance for your time Farridin
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