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  1. Take a look at Market System Analyzer (MSA). You can find it via google. sleepy
  2. Do the eMini Futures Markets close over Xmas/New Year and should one trade over the xmas period. New to these markets so just wondering what happens and whether one should continue to trade or step aside. For example, how long before volume returns to normal. sleepy
  3. so are you saying OEC ok for futures and eminis. But not any good if trading forex. sleepy
  4. According to one of OEC guys .. Forex pairs dont have a DOM but you can do a bracket order through charts (via extended options). Can anyone explain how this is doen. I still couldnt work it out. And the reason I was plannin on using OEC for froex as I wanted to use a broker that I could trade both forex and eminis. Thanks, sleepy
  5. Im currently trialling OEC's demo. Can someone please explain how I create a bracket order to place a forex trade. For example, aud.usd buy/stop 81.50 aud.usd sell/stop 81.00 In other words, I want to open a trade when aud.usd hits 81.50 and when it does this it put in a working order to sell at 81.00 which is my stoploss. Thanks, sleepy
  6. oops ... posted in wrong forum...
  7. Thanks for the comments Eiger As long as I remember the following I should do ok 'Next 1000 trades' 'Practise, review, practise, review, practise, review .... Id also add .. 4. Place entry 1 tick BELOW No Demand bar. As Tawe implies this wont work all the time but it does provides me a rule I can follow for similar 'Short/No Demand' setups rather than guessing when/where to enter. 5. I should also remove all indicators, print chart and then manually work through chart bar by bar, in order to practise/refine chart reading skills. 6. Master 'Short/No Demand' type setups before moving on to other ones Could you please elaborate on point 2. .. You can stop yourself in on a No Demand as Im not sure what you mean here. Thanks, sleepy
  8. Hi Eiger, Thanks for your comments.... Entered short position on bar following No Demand bar (#5)... @13.19 (yellow highlight) Sorry that was a typo ... it should have said. Entered short position on the bar (yellow highlight) AFTER the No Demand (#6) bar ... i.e, @13.19 Ive gone back and added all the No Demand bars A& B (both of which I admit not seeing orginially). Unfortunately I didnt discover this stock/trade until after the Upthrust (#5). Having said that .... if I had entered earlier (at A) I would have probably still tried to pyramid my position after the No Demand bars (B or #6). It is for that reason I was wanted to know if my analysis was wrong, or if Id badly managed the trade. Further, should I have tried to exit the trade before my stop was hit once I saw it going back up ... or wait to be taken out as I did in this instance. sleepy
  9. Any comment on the following (Losing) trade would be appreciated: I was looking for a Short position following No demand bar in down trend, with weakness in background. 1 End of Rising Market 2 UpThrust 3 UpThrust 4 Shakeout 5 UpThrust 6 No demand Australian stock ORG - trending down (on 30min TimeFrame) ... Entered short position on bar following No Demand bar (#5)... @13.19 (yellow highlight) Stop placed above Upthrust (#4).... @13.45 (yellow highlight) Taken out 2 bars later. Was this a bad trade, bad trade management or just bad luck? sleepy
  10. Can anyone please share their experiences taking a short position following an 'End of a Rising Market' bar. Assuming nothing to the left .... Do you enter immediately or wait for further weakness (e.g., Upthrust, No Demand)? Try and confirm by shifting TimeFrames ... and if so which TimeFrames do you use ... and what are you looking for? How successful has this strategy been? How often do you see an 'End of a Rising Market' bar appear? What sort of win/lose rate do you get? What have you learnt? Thanks, sleepy
  11. Tod Krueger's site is back up. Whats his web address? sleepy
  12. Hi Eiger, Have been enjoying reading all your posts over the past 6 months. Lots of good info for those willing to take the time to read and practise your many suggestions/recommendations. What was your take on the recent VSA/TradeGuider symposium you've just been to? And was it worth the time/expenses you incurred? sleepy
  13. Some great discussion(s) recently. Anyone seen Eiger? And how much time is everyone currently spending (i.e., hours a day/week) learning, reading, practising, reviewing VSA charts and principles. sleepy
  14. Goint point Blowfish. For arguments sake if you were an EOD trader would you recommend 60 min or 15 min when looking for entry/exit point. sleepy
  15. Speaking of styles, niches .. JJ, What markets are you trading ... and why? Intraday or EOD? And how many VSA trades do you take on any given day etc.. And has the above influenced your current take on trade entry (i.e, completion bar). sleepy
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