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  1. Hello John 1 > I would to understand if the market makers do see all the pending, the market positions and the stops on the futures markets ? In this case, they can move the price easily to catch these stops all day long, right ? (especially on thin order book like CL or YM) 2 > Do you have a dedicated server on Discord or telegram ? A lot of traders are on these platforms and it is much comfortable and dynamic, especially Discord. 3 > I do use Sierrachart and would be interested for a trial of these tools and signals: https://mboxwave.com/three-stooges-signal & https://mboxwave.com/spring-upthrusts-signal If I am not wrong, it is your website ? If you have real live trading sessions using these tools to measure how good they can be, just tell me. Thanks.
  2. Did you realise a video explaining cleary VSA & LRA ? I do not really understand why Open positions are locked in loss ? Do you refer to positions that are in loss but not closed ? When a trader use the volume profile such as it is configured here: Visible bars + Dominant Bid-Ask Volumes.. VP_Dominant_Ask-Bid.png If the dominance is showed to be red, it means that the Ask if mostly sollicited by the price action, right ? Shall we interpret the Ask dominance such as being: 1 - aggressive orders that cross the spread to hit the Ask side 2 - limit orders that have executed at differents price levels 3 - 'Buy Stop' orders that are 'Stops' of sellers that have been triggered, which means that these buyers did loose money and that it is now a potential zone for sellers to be aggressive... Using Sierrachart Volumes Profiles does not allow to visualise the nature of orders, especially who are behind. I am curious but perplexe.
  3. How can you identify where the smart money is ? By analysing the big passive orders waiting in the order book and the average market contracts executed ? block of 25 contracts or more according to the asset ? I guess this solution is very expensive, right ? Tell us more.
  4. YM

    I do trade the YM on an intrady basis. Which platform do you use ?
  5. Check your track record, one must say that: there are pretty big losses on CL for 1 contract trades... Finally,...small win rate on it, I do recommend to everyone to never below 80% or 90% with bots. Search and you will find them.
  6. Hello Fellows, does anyone has ever tester this algo specific to the Crude oil ? Is there any possibility of a trial ? Are there any long term track records that proove the efficiency of this algo ? So many algos on the market, very few do show track records and most of the time, it seems much more interesting to sell them to make money... Besides, TopStepTrader has a lot of drawbacks, just think about the 2 steps and the exchanges fees once your are funded...other funding programs seem to me more appealing .... Thanks for your feedbacks !

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