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  1. Prior to bar 79, I do not see a medium non-dom Gaussian half R\ that tells me there must have been the medium B2B just before it. So, I read a long skinny b2b(2r2b)*5 sequence forming the medium B2B. Bar 79 is the highest volume, the peak of the full Gaussian, confirmed by next day's double top on lower volume and a skinny r2r(2b2r) forming the missing medium R\. Insisting on a LTL that has this P2, projects the RTL far (?) into the future, depending on a soon (?) to be developed P3 that corresponds. There is only one geometrically possible point (7/17 bar 73). Based on volume (and geometry too), I get CH 2 before this geometric traverse P3 (I find this odd; 7/16 bar 76). If it is a tenet of the market that a P2 must exist after P3 of the faster fractal which builds this point, than I do have TR P3 on 7/16 bar 50, TR P2 being on 7/13 bar 28.
  2. First day of Channel Drill: 7/13 - only one tape from P1 to P2 of 1st traverse
  3. My view of today and attempt at PFC: wmcn: 60: still rr tracking LAT; P2 still ahead 15/5: up traverse sequence
  4. My attempt at PFC: PFC 2009-08-13 what's there: what must come next: 60: up tape D LAT (rr tracking) => P2 non-dom way to P3 15: up tape structured LAT => P2 down tape down sequence completion (do structure: nd-D) to P3 5: up traverse up traverse bo + D LAT down traverse P2 nd 15 up structure for down traverse P3 D 15 dn structure for traverse completion for CH P3 up traverse sequence for 60 up tape and 15 up structure
  5. Hi Spydertrader, a very nice thread. I would very much like to see and do drills covering this period.
  6. A look at the 15m chart of the drill snip - I can see that an up traverse must be wrong. There is a r2r2b2r sequence which corresponds to the tape on ehorn's chart. Ruling out down and up traverse, it only can be a tape. For me it's hard to grasp that sub-tape or sub-sub-tape gaussians become visible on a 5m chart in the way they do. When I look at the low volume levels, I get there. What I get: Sub-tape sequences and bars roaming free (getting away without touching a tape line) are a feature of low volume periods. Before the snippet, on the way up, there is no 5m traverse change signal within the dom tape and a non-dom down tape sequence is what must come next. The down tape begins with a stich (to dec vol bar) followed by non-dom internals, a sub-tape sequence leads to skinny r2r. The sub-up-tape is non-dom; seeing the 'b2b' @ EH and the low dec volume, and it breaks the sub-down-tape on dec volume. After the tape P3, while unfolding, is it possible to know that the sequence will be built from a visible sub sequence or is it something to discover? (At the traverse P3 the Ym provides a SfC [after breaking out of a lateral].)
  7. hi non-dom down tape r2r2b2r R\ dom up tape b2b2r2b /B non-dom down tape r2r2b(sub-skinny inside [OB tape])2r R\ for (a fanned) traverse P3 dom up tape b2b2r2b /B
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