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  1. Many thanks, Blu-Ray. My very best wishes to you for a safe and profitable new year. Bruce
  2. I apologize to everyone for my previous post. Blu-Ray, thanks very much for the ADXVMA.eld you made a couple of weeks ago. I have a small request of you. If you find time, can you add Keltner bands or Bollinger Bands to this indicator. I have tried in vain. Obviously I'm not very talented in EasyLanguage. Anyway I hope your holidays are going well and I wish you much success in the coming year. Bruce H.
  3. Blu-Ray, Thanks very much, have a wonderful holiday season Wilson
  4. Hi Walter, I've been reading your scalping threads with much interest. The above Tradestation code does not plot 2 lines however. I wonder if anyone else has the ADXVMA for Tradestation? Thanks very much. Wilson
  5. pipper Thanks for sharing your method for trading the YM. Would you mind posting your MACD settings. Thanks. Wilson
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