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  1. NinjaTrader does not offer MP directly. Final Financial Alforithms (http://www.fin-alg.com/tpo_help.html )offers an MP add-on for NT (called TPO and Volume Profile for NinjaTrader) for a lifetime fee of $249, which is well worth it. A free trial is available for 7 days without providing credit card. NinjaTrader of course offers free charts if you do not execute trades via their platform. So you can get MP for life for $249. Works great, as does NT.
  2. momentom He uses YM only....which I switched to from ER2 to learn his system. I will be sticking with YM for reasons he gives in room. Also, he gives Outlook for coming day, based on YM profile, so it is best to stick with that IMO. Further, he makes trade calls for entry/exit zones based on YM, so.... scottrsl
  3. namstrader First it is BalanceTrader at http://www.balancetrader.com I have been a member for a month now and can highly recommend the site and Frank Butera. The method takes a few weeks to fully understand and implement, if you are new to Market Profile, and is well worth the effort. Frank is very honest and straight forward and is the only trading strategy vendor that I know of that makes far more money from trading his system than from the nominal fee he charges for his lesson series and to attend his room. It takes more than a couple of days in his chat room to appreciate his method and level of skill. He only trades low risk/high reward setups, so trades are few compared to other systems, therefore more time is required to learn the system. Frank is a devotee of Dalton ("Mind Over Markets') and has taken Dalton's theory a step further by putting it into practice with his own trading techniques. Using Frank's method you will be able to get the most out of MP, which in my opinion is the only way to trade. Trade the trends, avoid the chop. Could not be easier. scottrsl
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