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  1. CrazyCzarina, A lot of young people are now into trading Forex and investing in stock. I went to a seminar just last week, and what i saw was amazing. Sets of young experts who taught about Forex and how they started off. they trading live and it was just amazing. 80% of their audience were teens and most of them were already trading just that we were mostly unsuccessful.

  2. I started trading Forex when i was 18. Lost couple of times though, (quite alot:doh:) but right now i make about $500 every week. I don't think you are too young to start. as long as you are well informed

  3. I bought JPM yesterday at $58.70 per share. I intend to hold it for perhaps a few days with the hope of gaining 10 percent in a very short time. That is about how much it has dropped since the Brexit vote on Thursday. At this price JPM (JP Morgan - the largest bank in the USA) should pay over 10 percent per year in dividends if they continue to pay the same amount as last year. That means that even if the volatility brought on by Brexit doesn’t get me a short term gain I will still make around 10 percent per year by owning this stock.

  4. What better long run are you referring too? The one that all our trade terms will be renegotiated, or the one where the nation in the UK will divide because they want to rejoin EU, or better still, the one that losses more than $3 trillion in less than a week, or the one that leaves our pounds devalued? which better long run are you referring to? the list goes on and on.. Its such a pity that we voted this, but it is an obvious mistake.

  5. For me, i think it is total mistake. I know a lot of people will go ahead to say if it wasn't the right one, why would Britain vote for it? But the truth is, just because the voted it, doesn't mean it is the right decision. Here are some things on the top of my head when I think of Brexit.

    Respected organisations like the International Monetary Fund have predicted negative effects from Brexit.

    As for immigration, leaving the EU only solves half the problem, as the other half of immigrants come from countries outside the EU.

    The statistic that was continuously thrown around by the Leavers, ‘£350 million a week’ that was apparently being paid to the EU was a complete lie. How can we trust politicians that lied through their teeth to now run our isolated and vulnerable country?

    Scotland wants a referendum, and if they win, they’ll join the EU. This means that immigrants will be allowed to travel through England to get to Scotland.

    44% of British exports went into the EU, with only 8% of EU exports into Britain. That means British business will suffer way more than EU business.

    The EU hates us, and we won’t have any leverage in trade deals we make.

    Educational institutions that received subsidies from the EU will no longer receive that funding.

    We have gained no sovereignty when we will still be expected to respect EU laws and regulations.

    We have lost international influence.

    Now our public services are exposed to the doctrine of Convervatives like Boris Johnson that strongly believe in privatisation and empowering big business. This means a potential privatisation of the NHS and a complete victory for transnational corporations who can how bargain for working standards that are worse off for the common citizen.

    I fail to see any benefit from leaving the EU.

  6. Of course, just like every investment, there are risks. so i wouldn't say it is risk free or guarantee you any sort of profit. However, the probability of losing when you invest over a period of 5years or more is very minimal. I would recommend that for everybody, but i won't guarantee any gain. your choice now.

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