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    Professional Forex Manager,Price Action,Hedges,Martingales,1324,Brownian Motion,Probabilty Theory

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  1. There is only one point you need ALWAYS! Money! If you left one of the points 1-7, you can equalize it with money, if more points left...more money is needed... my2c
  2. every system can fail, in case of less equity, sure, martingal (no "e") needs more equity, but if combined with several security features, you will be save and fine. - async hedges - dynamic tp, ts, sl (if used) - basket management - dynamic step management - lot management
  3. one loses, another get the money, which goes like always again: win, loses or inverstigation
  4. this may also help: from Bond University Stop Losses.pdf
  5. if you hedge your trades by 50-75%, you don't need stops, the only one you need is patience, if your trade is on the positive swap side, lay back or do something. my2c ProFXManager PS: I don't use any kind of stops too, only price action+hedges+sometimes martingales (Science, Brownian Movement)
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