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  1. I'm currently revising my trading plan. I would like to hear from more experienced traders in developing a plan. What elements to include, what has the priority, what risk to assume etc.
  2. Current I working a basic A, B, C wave move. Looking for a failure of a new high or a new low. You can set the parameters of the Zig zag to trace the price movement. As I attempt to recognize the price movement I use it help track the past moves to confirm a failure. Of course a trend line you can do the same but in longer term charts I’m looking for a past pattern to show itself again it help anticipate an entry into a position. I’ve seen some written material somewhere last week and if I can locate the link I will post it here.
  3. My greatest success came when I first began trading. I had simple rules and played hem out every trade. As I have become more lets say educated I have had less success that I attribute to rule breaking and loss of focus. I strive to louse the commitment to win every trade and chase to bad ones to keep my win percentage high. This is even though I know keeping to my rules will bring the success I am looking for. I am on my second go around reading Trading Psychology and fine a lot of help with in this forum.
  4. Has anyone tried and been successful using this indicator? I've been playing around with it for a few weeks and it appears to be useful on longer time frames like the daily and weekly. I try to use it to point to swing highs and lows and tweak the setting to curve fit a particular security. Any input would be helpful. Thanks In Advance.:missy:
  5. I would like to backup all my files for my desktop and laptop. Is there a way to get a mirror image of each on one hard drive. I'm looking at a 1.5 TB of storage.
  6. Any one use the Alchemy Indicators for TS? If so , do you have a recommendation for futures YM setyup that you can share. Thank You
  7. I have 4 basic trading account all set up for different strategies. I am now opening a small account to trade the e-mini. I'm starting with $20,000. Are their suggections on how much risk per contract I should follow?
  8. My biggest obstacle is being able to follow my trading plan from start to finish. I've obtained quite a bit of knowledge over the years and still profitable but nothing great. I still see much room for improvement. Is there a turning point that my fellow traders go through for example a large draw down? Complete loss of equity in a trading account or maybe a positive change in the way one prepares for their day of trading that has made a difference substantially in their ability to control their emotions and execute their plan. Thank You in advance for your comments. :crap:
  9. I currently have the same thoughts as thrunner for TOS. Like the option tools and get better execution for contracts than TS . Thanks
  10. Where should one start his education as fars as written material?
  11. I've been a user of tradestation for a number of years. Sometime changing brokers overtime especially when one becomes familar with the charting tools and layouts over time. I'm using TOS as a new account and wanted to get a feel for any other users on this forum that could comment on their service.
  12. Looking at changing my trading time frame from daily set up's with hourly signals to intraday trading the 5 min and 15 min charts. Currently I use a combination of indicators, LR 30-30, MACD, and RSI. MA's. I have a system to look for snap back's up and down for a 2-3 day move. Now interested in the YM and ES and paper trading it now. It is taking some time to get in the flow timing my entries. I set up my pivots day before and look for zone of confluence. I like to watch the first hour and attempt to spot a trend before I enter. I can't see any short term MA that work consistently and look for S & R at pivots with candlestick signals with confirmation. My issue as price moves away from a possible entry I wait to pull the trigger and miss a trade and if I commit to the signal as soon as it triggers I'm missing a more favorable price. I'm sure most of it is due to the fact I don't have much time behind me watch price action in this short time frame and looking for suggestions how accelerating my learning curve. Greta Forum Thank You
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