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  1. @MrDogpile Albeit you have a pretty systematic tool I find it to be grossly under performing on the following counts----- 1. Pro of system------ thinking of a return to the POC and EMA----- Con----- wrong choice of the EMA period-- with all the charts posted, the most logical EMA should be 29 period as it really depicts the value for the day consisting of 29 candles. Ideally, a bias should be attached, making a H4 or L4 level breakout as precursor to changes and L3 and H3 should be taken as relevant anticipatory entry zones on subsequent buy and ss days ( remember----- as a swing trader you anticipate the market to hold and wash out the weak hands ) But I was really confounded at a brilliant thinker like you not even thinking of the incorporation of Multiple Time Frames to Taylor---- let me codify it Follow Linda's pinball or ROC rules on 1st of every month and anticipate the month to be B,S or SS Once the bias is established, check for H/L violation confirmed with a streak of 3+ contrary H-L or L-H moves Once a Trade fires off, calculate the natural monthly target----- you can use either taylor targets or trade in direction of monthly pivots, taking first two days range as the opening range Once you have the desired move setting in, anticipate your entry in weekly frame through the same process as written above Once the weekly entry sets in manage it through the daily, again in sync with the above method A final twist---- the best trade would turn up, if the time frames do not collide----- i.e., on a back projection, the weekly decision and the monthly one agrees one month earlier, the daily and monthly and daily and weekly, mutatis mutandis Loved the 3 videos you posted out at youtube and am really waiting for the ones that seem to have been removed (you spoke of one about the pivot and taylor combined, which never turned up, also the one with POC and EMA seems missing) Tiddles Wildeazoscar
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