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  1. The holy grail is that there is no holy grail.
  2. Engulfing bars are subjective though. What's an engulfing bar in one time/volume frame is just a retracement in another.
  3. I'm still paper trading as much as possible, so all I feel come friday is annoyance that I have to wait until sunday or monday to get more practice.
  4. Jeez, what charting software are you using?
  5. I actually meant to say limit order, not market order, but you explained it anyway. Thanks. Although, if that's the case why doesn't everyone use limit orders all the time?
  6. What would have happened if the hypothetical Forex trader had taken a market order?
  7. When a big player makes a buy order that's large enough to drive a price up, do they pay based on the price before the order went through, or the price after? This is so fundamental that I should know it already, but I haven't been able to find the information anywhere.
  8. Well, I'm not going to do any live trading until I can consistently profit in simulated trading with the same margins and commissions I'd be using live. So that 2.5k may never get touched at all. :embarassed: And yeah, at this point I'm not even doing that much sim-trading. I'm just backtracing all the historical data I have like watching a movie, and devouring any reading materials and theory I can find.
  9. For some reason I can't submit any posts. Or they aren't showing up. What gives?
  10. 1-Why. I want to find patterns in noise. I want to feel the will of thousands at the same time. I want something to work at, and learn, and gain skill in. I want to experience something that's both an art and a science. And of course, I want to make money. 2-Commitment. I can commit several hours a day, four from morning to afternoon and more in the evening when CME reopens. 3-Timeframe and method. I know that I'd like to trade intraday, but I don't know exactly which frame yet. I'm trying them all out and seeing which works best for me. 4-Account/investment size. When I start trading live I'll have $2500 for an initial margin. If it ever drops below $1900 I'll stop trading until I can replenish it with my day job. 5-Money management. I'll trade with either 20% or 40% of my principal, depending on how confident I am in the entry. My position sizes will only increase if I make enough money. 6-Product. I'm beginning with futures since they have the lowest margins. 7-Broker. I've chosen a broker that's known for low margins, speed, and reliability. Their commissions are slightly higher than discounts, but you get what you pay for. 8-Platform. I've found a futures platform that has everything I need and is supported by my broker. 9-News source. I don't intend to use news, unless I can find some RSS feed that will warn me of catastrophes. 10-Computer. My PC runs my platform fine. 11-Internet Connection. I have a (mostly) reliable broadband internet connection.
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