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  1. Hi lab. Im new here. I trade nothing but the emini dowjones. I love it. So im thrilled to find the lab.
  2. hi i trade with nadex. it is the best for binary options undoubtedly. are you currently trading with nadex.
  3. i can do wonders for you on binary options. watch the emini dow jones. for monday buy the 13260/250, sell the13240/230.
  4. i trade binary options. im loving it. most of the time. i can give you a buy and/or a sell that will make you smile at the close of the day. on monday 10/15, buy the 13265, sell the 13225.
  5. hello lab, i am going to post positions 3 to 4 times weekly. just keep an eye on them. i promise you will love it after two weeks.
  6. i know you guys have heard this a trillion times!!!! so ill just say this buy the emini dow jones at 13265 and sell it at 13225
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