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  1. After years of experience in the industry we, a group of Forex professionals, came together to tailor a trading account which can fit into traders’ lives with no time consumption or complications. We took into consideration all aspects of trading, the negatives and positives, eliminating the negatives, stressing the positives and including only user friendly elements providing ease of execution for the modern and active trader. Trader’s pulse is the epitome of modern trading. The trading experience we offer is designed around the needs of our clients. Through our progressive ‘UniTrader’ platform the platform for the new generations, Our competitive spreads and Straight through Processing system we guarantee an all-round satisfactory trading experience.
  2. Technical Analysis 31 Jan 2013 Rising higher through the break of 1.3468, EURUSD has opened scope for associate extension higher towards 1.3615. the present technical run-up still keeps 1.3771 medium targets intact. Any retracement at now can possible target the 1.3500 figure. Support levels: 1.3540 1.3510 1.3480 Resistance levels: 1.3580 1.3620 1.3660 GBPUSD has broken through resistance at 1.5761, disposition to extra side within the worth action for the short term. However, associatey extent further} momentum remains addicted to an side penetration of the 1.5822 Gregorian calendar month fifteenth session low. Support levels: 1.5785 1.5740 1.5700 Resistance levels: 1.5820 1.5860 1.5900 Resistance at 91.50 remains hovering over GBPUSD worth action, disposal a pessimistic bias on the currency. However, the very fact that the foremost combine wasn’t able to shut below the 90.56 Jan twenty eighth session low is decreasing the pessimistic sentiment. explore for any short term correction to focus on 90. Support levels: 90.70 90.30 89.80 Resistance levels: 91.20 91.60 92.00 AUDUSD didn't rise more through 1.0478 resistance, sparking a downward move towards 1.0400 support within the session. With the combine already breaking through 1.0447 support, more draw back will be anticipated for the foremost combine towards 1.0300. Support levels: 1.0420 1.0380 1.0330 Resistance levels: 1.0470 1.0500 1.0540
  3. Technical Analysis 28 Jan 2013 EURUSD finally broke through the vary sure channel that has preoccupied the currency pair for the last fortnight. currently higher through 1.3400, the only currency has the potential to understand towards 1.3550 resistance. However, the notion remains captivated with an in depth on top of 1.3477 resistance. Support Levels 1.3381 1.3299 1.3250 Resistance Levels 1.3512 1.3561 1.3643 Although rebounding off of 1.5766 support, GBPUSD technical bias remains pessimistic. supportive of the notion remains the pair’s inability to rise back on top of the 1.5820 resistance barrier. Next up for bears are 1.5734 support. Support Levels 1.5757 1.5711 1.5675 Resistance Levels 1.5839 1.5875 1.5921 USDJPY skyrocketed through 90.50 resistance, disposal a apparently perpetual bullishness over the currency pair. afterwards, the move opens scope for an advance on the 92 figure. Any retracement at this time would target the 90.50 support figure. Support Levels 90.50 89.93 89.58 Resistance Levels 91.43 91.78 92.35 Bearish mercantilism remained intact for the session, suppressing any advances by the dollar. Technically, the try has broken through key support via the 1.0425 figure. The penetration purports additional declines towards 1.0361 support. Support Levels 1.0384 1.0359 1.0315 Resistance Levels 1.0453 1.0497 1.0522
  4. EURUSD established support at 1.3265, disposal to a bout of consolidation on the session. Any face corrections at now can target resistance at the 1.3403 Jan ordinal session high. Declines towards 1.3140 support stay break in to an opening of current support. Support Levels 1.3185 1.3221 1.3255 Resistance Levels 1.3325 1.3361 1.3395 Falling on the session, GBPUSD is currently testing support via the 1.6000 psychological figure. an additional shut below would precipitate a decline to 1.5928. Any converse retracement ought to see formidable resistance at 1.6100. Support Levels 1.5851 1.5913 1.5958 Resistance Levels 1.6065 1.6127 1.6172 USDJPY control a bearish tone on the session, dipping to a low of 87.79. However, the pair has closed higher than the 88.29 support, disposition to some upper side potential. buyers can possible see hard resistance at 89.47. Support Levels 86.75 87.27 87.85 Resistance Levels 88.96 89.48 90.06 Stalling on the session, AUDUSD didn't create a positive move the 1.0600 spherical figure. The failure to advance on the barrier is likely to prompt the major currency to dip to initial support at 1.0503 within the close to term. Support Levels 1.0490 1.0511 1.0541 Resistance Levels 1.0592 1.0613 1.0643
  5. The EUR/USD pair found its self at a drop through near term support by the 1.3350 figure. Expectations are that the pair well fall further until it reaches the 1.3200 psychological support. Difficult resistance will await at the 1.3400 round figure if there is any retracement higher. Support Levels 1.3118 1.3190 1.3250 Resistance Levels 1.3382 1.3454 1.3514 The GBP/USD pair stalled right after 1.6035, after moving through the break of 1.6100 support. It is still expected for the figure to fall towards 1.5991 support. Barriers at 1.6116 would be seen if a positive correction happened. Support Levels 1.6033 1.5999 1.5965 Resistance Levels 1.6101 1.6135 1.6169 The USD/JPY pair fell through the 89.00 handle, without passing the 90 handle resistance. It is expected that the pair will suffer more decline, and reach the support by the 88.00 figure. If the pair declines even further, it could expect to reach the 86.97 barrier. Support Levels 88.20 87.56 86.83 Resistance Levels 89.56 90.29 90.93 The AUD/USD pair may be facing a fall to support at 1.0503 in the near term, after failing to move positively on the 1.0600 round figure during its session. Support Levels 1.0534 1.0506 1.0487 Resistance Levels 1.0581 1.0600 1.0628
  6. The EUR/USD pair closed above 1.3292 resistance, and is expected to aim higher in the near term, at around 1.3400. the pair would be tested with 1.3107 if further downside penetration of the support figure occurs. A retracement would probably call for formidable support from the 1.3246 figure. Support levels: 1.3325 1.3290 1.3240 Resistance levels: 1.3370 1.3405 1.3450 A decline on the 1.6100 session was caused when the GBP/USD pair closed below the 1.6168 resistance barrier. It is expected for the pair to move back towards 1.6200 since it has not moved any lower yet. Support levels: 1.6100 1.6065 1.6020 Resistance levels: 1.6170 1.6200 1.6240 Expectations for the USD/JPY pair to gain an extension higher towards 100 are even bigger as the pair rose above the 89.00 resistance barrier. A corrections would possibly lead to support by the 87.92 level, or the 87 barrier. Support levels: 89.35 89.00 88.70 8 Resistance levels: 89.65 90.00 90.30 The AUD/USD pair spiralled down to 1.0500 support, as it failed to close above the 1.0600 round figure. It is expected that the pair will gain an extension through until 1.0456 support, since their low close broke the 1.0563 support figure key to any chance of moving upward again. Support levels: 1.0520 1.0490 1.0460 Resistance levels: 10550 1.0600 1.0660
  7. EUR/USD pair I expected to get higher to 1.33000 psychological resistance, after close at 1.3157 resistance. The pair’s 1.3307 session on the 19th of December which reinforced the barrier, it looks difficult for the level to be reached, and any opposite correction would aim the 1.3165 barrier. Support Levels 1.2882 1.2960 1.3111 Resistance Levels 1.3340 1.3418 1.3569 GBP/USD pair is still expected to do well, after closing at 1.6129 above resistance. With its 1.6200 psychological barrier it is not unlikely that the pair would push higher to 1.6266 resistance. Any declines will probably be restricted by support at 1.6100. Support Levels 1.5885 1.5945 1.6051 Resistance Levels 1.6217 1.6277 1.6383 USD/JPY pair has penetrated the 88.00 round figure barrier, and is expected to move forward to resistance at 89.25 level. If they however do not break the figure they are likely to decline to initial support at 87.34. Support Levels 87.11 87.48 88.07 Resistance Levels 89.02 89.39 89.98 AUD/USD pair have broken above the resistance barrier at 1.0575, and will now be retested at the 1.0600 psychological figure. Its high level of 1.0624 on the 14th of September continues to reinforce the level, however any retracement would test the 1.0500 figure. Support Levels 1.0415 1.0454 1.0524 Resistance Levels 1.0633 1.0672 1.0742
  8. EUR/USD Current Trading at : 1.31078 EUR/USD took support via 1.3040 . EUR/USD has set to make room to advance towards 1.3200 . Supportive of the notion is the close above the yesterday’s 1.3089 session high. Any retracement is likely to see stiff support at 1.3052. Support Levels 1.2943 1.2980 1.3047 Resistance Levels 1.3151 1.3188 1.3255 GBP/USD Current Trading at : 1.6082 Taking Support via 1.6065 GBPUSD closed above the 1.6100 . looks like GBPUSD set to make big move to 1.6200 , en route to a 1.6300 round figure test. Any converse retracement will be met by formidable support via the 1.6065 figure. Support Levels 1.5952 1.5986 1.6051 Resistance Levels 1.6150 1.6184 1.6249 USD/JPY Current Trading at : 87.44 USD/JPY failed to close at 88.00 resistance . , USDJPY looks set for another leg lower amid fundamental drivers. As a result, a retracement to 86.75 support isn’t all too far from plausible. Upside momentum should be held at bay by 88.25. Support Levels 86.70 87.16 87.46 Resistance Levels 88.21 88.67 88.97 AUD/USD Current Trading at : 1.0475 Stalling ahead of 1.0525 resistance, AUDUSD looks set to continue higher towards the resistance at 1.0560. The barrier is being reinforced by 1.0600 round figure resistance, which should act as a turning point for bulls. Near term downside remains minimized by the 1.0425 figure. Support Levels 1.0421 1.0442 1.0473 Resistance Levels 1.0525 1.0546 1.0577
  9. Technical Analysis Jan 7 2013 EUR/USD Current Trading price: 1.3040 EUR/USD took Support at 1.3021 on Friday, but has since traded down around 40 pips into the 1.3040 area However, with resistance just above 1.3140, the momentum is likely temporary. Further declines are contingent on a break of the 1.3021 figure. Support levels: 1.3040 1.3000 1.2970 Resistance levels: 1.3090 1.3120 1.3145 GBP/USD Current Trading price: 1.6042 GBPUSD testing support round 1.6000 , GBPUSD bounced back , closing above support 1.6067 , However, price action remains below 1.6137, keeping the bearish bias intact. Expect a retest of the formidable round figure. Support levels: 1.6025 1.5985 1.5930 Resistance levels: 1.6085 1.6120 1.6170 USD/JPY Current Trading price: 87.84 Usd jpy on firday closed near above 88.00 resistance .opening scope for usdjp higher towards resistance at 89.00 . Any retracement in the near term will likely target initial support at 87.15, before declining to 86.16 support. Support levels: 88.00 87.60 87.30 8 Resistance levels: 88.40 88.70 89.00 AUD/USD: Current price: 1.0480 AUDUSD remains atop support at 1.0450, keeping bullish momentum intact, albeit for the moment. Any upside momentum will see formidable resistance tests at the December 14th session high. Support levels: 1.0470 1.0430 1.0400 Resistance levels: 1.0525 1.0550 1.0600
  10. What is a Spread? Spread can be defined as the difference between the bid and the ask price. Generally speaking, more liquid currency pairs have smaller bid/ask spreads. Less liquid currency pairs have larger spreads.
  11. What is STP/ECN trading? ECN stands for Electronic Communications Network. Trading is performed on an OTC (Over The Counter) market eliminating the role of a third party in the execution of orders entered by the Forex broker. ECN trading gives you direct access to the Forex market (interbank market) where you can trade with other traders and your orders are actually displayed in the market and are seen by others, who in turn can introduce their own orders and if the prices match, a deal is complete. Spreads vary on an STP/ECN currency trading platform. Depending on the volume being traded in a certain pair the spreads will vary keeping in mind the available liquidity needed to support the trades.
  12. My broker is TradingForex.com and i am very satisfied with them they even launched a very professional website
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