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  1. Hello! I will be happy if you can help me with this. I wonder what are the most lucrative ways to generate the revenue for an educational forex website?. I have a few thousand unique views each month and I would like to build on that. I need to build a steady cash flow with the target of 1000$ per month. I wonder what do you think can be the best way to achieve this? Maybe you can recommend some high-converting forex programmes? What do you think of AVAFX? Can one realistically expect to earn a few hundred $ per month using the Google Ad Sense for Forex with about 15,000 page views per month? If you have experience working with any forex partners please do share your experience, That will be so much appreciated!!! Chris!)
  2. maybe soemone has practical knowledge on how to set this up and can help? thanks!)
  3. Hello, I wanted to hear your opinion about this. I have a forex website which offers free education and has some visitors each month. I wish to provide the technical analysis service to the visitors of my website – like identifying the prominent support and resistance levels with specific entry and exit recommendations. I wonder if you can help me answer the following questions. 1) Do I need to register/start a company anywhere or I can just collect the monthly payments to my personal bank account? Maybe you know some payment processor which allow to do that and which do not disclose my personal address? 2) Do you think that if I do not show any physical address on the Contact Us page that will not lower the credibility of the service? 3) If I provide the specific entry and exit recommendations do you think that this activity needs to be regulated by FSA or NFA? 4) What price you might feel comfortable paying for a full-featured 50 currency pair technical service which analyzes technical setups using all major technical tools on all major time frames, trend strengths and ties all up using proprietary analysis methodology? If you can help me with any of the above questions that would be awesome! Thank you very much for your time and hoping to hear form you soon!) If you have experience setting up such companies it would be so great to hear form you! Chris
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