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  1. Check out this new App. You can do market profile charts! You can email and tweet the screen shots as well. http://ivorybull.com/stock-magnet-profile-charts-for-ios/
  2. Check out the new iPad and iPhone app Stock Magnet which does stock market profile charts!
  3. A great way to learn how to read and use heatmaps is to begin using an interactive one. That’s how I learned – I have to use something to learn it. There is an intuitive app out there that can help teach you how to use Heatmaps - if you have an iPod or iPhone. It's called Heatmap, and the company is Ivory Bull. It is simple to use and it is the first one out there like it. It let's you see markets, indexes, ETF groupings, etc. and you can sort my move averages, current trading session (price move), volume vs. historical averages (so you can see if there is buyer or selling pressure) etc. Heatmaps provide clean visuals of the market and they are one of my favorite tools to find opportunities. Here is a link to read more about Heatmaps and this App: Ivory Bull
  4. I love using HeatMaps - thanks for the article. Last year I downloaded an App on my iPod called Heatmap by Ivory Bull, and use it all the time and it continues to add cool funtionality. Heatmaps are a crisp way for me to view market volume patterns and stock movements and help me spot when volumes and price align to create momentum.
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