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  1. Professional trading firm located in Delray Beach, FL provides a hands on approach for prospective and successful traders seeking a direct career path in becoming a Hedge Fund Manager or Commodity Trading Advisor. Trade stocks, futures and/or forex from our newly built trading floor or remotely. Enjoy state of the art technology, top-notch execution platforms and professional execution rates. Combined, our team has over 60 years of trading industry experience. We are not a prop-shop. We are the avenue and fast track to a true career as a fund/money manager. The Opportunity: Our firm will closely assist accepted traders through the entire process with the ultimate goal of becoming a fund manager. This includes, building an marketable auditable track record, raising trading capital for successful traders and more. We Supply: · Trading guidance by our experienced team · Proprietary trading software · Trading computers with multiple screens · Low latency connections · Robust execution platforms and charting · Professional commission rates · Professional level leverage · Auditable trading track records · A professional trading room atmosphere For The Successful/Proven Traders & Managers, We Offer: · Fund formation · Regulatory registration · Seed capital availability · Capital introduction & Marketing · Fund administration, compliance and more · Private office suites Please e-mail your resume and a brief description of your trading background to hfriedman (AT) stonehengeemg.com . We will contact you to arrange a meeting.
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