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  1. Hello House, Pls I am new to fx, how do I calculate ways to enter a market that it will cut short my losess and I will be able to maximize profit. When I enter, it will just reverse against me that it runs to minus, for some mins or hours before it reverses back to 0.00 and profit..... I need help pls!!!!
  2. I just begin trading stocks online. My goal is to become a Portfolio Manager and Financial Educator. I need advice and help. How do I become this goal? What courses or professional exam do I need to take to actualize this dream? And which place will you advice that someone with this goal aspire to work to gain experience? I need a mentor in this area pls!!!
  3. Thanks for your nice response. I quite understand now. Once again, thanks a lot
  4. I have always seen this economic data on Forexfactory and others News site. Pls I need someone to put me through. Economic data release like Cor Durable goods, is it powerful enough to move the currency up or down? I will appreciate a response. Thanks
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