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  1. Hello, I am looking for a developing VPOC and value areas, showing the intraday generation of these 3 levels. Any kind soul out there having coded this? According to zardoz an easy approach can be to modify the tpo pro5 which is available in forum. Thank´s a lot. Goody
  2. Hello


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  3. Thank you very much for your reply!


    I will try to go through the same, I will apriciate if yo can sprare some timw to guide me on Some nice blog or web to visit to lear and keep updated my self as a lerner to advance level in to FOREX.


    I will also appriciate your advice on suggestable indicators to use with forex.



    Black Eagle!


  4. Hi Blackeagle,


    sorry, not checking so often with the forum.

    Both indicators seems to be free available on the net and I have posted both as txt files, so please check the thread again and you should get them.


    Thx and good luck,


  5. Hi Goody01!


    Hope you are doing well at your end!


    Herewith you are kindly requested to provide Vinni Indicator for MT4.


    Thanks in advance!



    Black Eagle!

  6. Dear Goody!


    Hope you are doing well at your end!


    Recently I joined TradersLaboratory.com, and seen your thread "

    Convert MT4 Indicator into Tradestation Eld? "


    I will be thankfull to you if you can provide me both the indicators especially Vinni for MetaTrader.


    I will be highly thankfull to you!




  7. Hi phim9hi3n, thx you for coding this too. Thats great, will see how it goes. Good trading, Goody
  8. Hi phim9hi3n, great, many thanks for your help here! Not sure what you think about it, but it seems to give a good help about where you are in a trend and if it maybe going to change. I had 2 screens attached in my first post. There is some info available about the TDI on the Web to dig in a bit deeper, compassfx.com seems to be a good start. So thx again and good luck, Goody:)
  9. Ok, here are the 2 indicators I am looking for to have them running in TS, they are available in public MT4 forums and seems to be a good indication for the trend. Thx a lot, Goody TDI.txt vinini.txt
  10. Hi, I found 2 interesting and promissing indicators based on MT4 and would be happy to have them available for TS. Anyone here "billangual" able to code MT4 and Easylanguage? Have MT4 code available and can post it. Many thx in advance, Goody
  11. Hi Tams, thx for providing this one. Not sure whats wrong, but it did not verify first and I changed the darkyellow color to get it done. But neither text shows up nor the lines, and true for theses is set. Any idea or help? Running on TS 8.4 latest build. Thx, Goody
  12. Thx you Blowfish, will see what I get with it using that ratio. I am looking for market structure pivots, yes, the floor trader pivot was just mentioned as a kind of examples for ongoing horizontal lines instead of the few points plotted like with this indicator. So thx again for your feedaback and help. Good luck, Goody
  13. Hi Blowfish, thank you for the recommendation. Not sure if that will work and what length to be taken to get the corresponding timeframes. Why 180 for 60 min on 1min chart? I am looking for a way to plot horizontal lines like for floor pivots to show the different highs and lows. Here you only get a couple of plots and then they are lost when chart moves on to the left, but the levels still exists and may have a relevance in the near future as they are not taken out so far. Thx, Goody
  14. Hi, is there a Support & Resistance Indicator around for TS that allows to draw the major S/R lines to be taken out from different timeframes on a specify chart, lets says show the S/R lines of 5min, 15min, 60min and 240min all together on a 1min chart? Any code for this available? Many thanks, Goody
  15. Hello Swansjr, thank you for the strategy. Did you tried it intraday too and also with other futures like ES or NQ? Thx + good luck, Goody
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