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  1. steve46, Thank you for the information regarding Hilbert Transform and John Ehlers. I will definitely try to research that a bit more. How did you go about learning to do the same thing without indicators? I've been actively trying to learn tape reading. I use camtasia to record the DOM each day and try to watch it but I find it extremely difficult. I don't expect to get it in a couple of weeks but hoping it will start to make sense if I do it for 6 months. I got the idea after reading nobsdaytrading book written by John Grady. Any suggestions on how to learn about interpreting volume and tick size? Thank you!
  2. To all emini-watch "better indicators" practitioners out there.. I just finished watching latest video. Any idea what Barry was looking at when he decided to go short? I know it was the "icebreaker" trade but I waited because of the flush on 1500, sell exhaustion, pros exit and bullish divergence on 500. Plus I was waiting for the economic #s to come out. I ended up taking my 1st trade @ 8:50 CST. Sometimes Barry will go against the signals because he has the ability to read the market so well but I'm still trying to figure out what he's looking at when he's going against the signals. I know the 4500 tick bar chart is in a trend move and we should be watching for the pull back but how did he know the index was making a pull back @ that moment? My 2nd question is that how did Barry know to hold this trade the entire time? I only managed to get 1.75 pts but he was able to sit through the majority of that move. Thanks!
  3. That is pretty harsh but I did find his Brian Heyliger endorsement a bit "shady". Brian Heyliger's site got "scam" written all over it. The fact Barry Taylor is endorsing him is not a good sign... I guess it is probably just another revenue stream for him besides selling his indicators.
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