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  1. The automated trading systems are more in the competition, but few of them only reach the people desires...Some reviewers are made the rating regarding on that versatile use of the automatic trading system!
  2. To be the learner on each trading activity, can guide you to achieve great gain.... I'm also a learner, so i think these steps could be possible to trade in forex market!
  3. Thank you Obsidian! Where to find beginners forum.... Do have any ideas on getting beginners forum in search? Share your ideas!
  4. Useful discussion on scalp.... Thanks for sharing, what is the exact process on scalping?
  5. Analysis on swinging results of the stock can provide the idea to buy and sell... Continuous monitoring and the expert advise is pretty decent track to travel on!
  6. Thanks for the useful discussion.... As a beginner i'm looking to learn the direction where to look at... this discussion could guide beginners to get into the trading process!
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