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  1. Yes, future scalpers need have low broker comisions to have profits from few ticks. I recommend you no more than 3 US$ by the total round turn comissions by example my broker comission total round turn is: 2.90 € for the eurostoxx 50: So with 4 ticks an winner trade i will get: 37,1 US$ and by a loosing trade: -42,9 US$, relation is: 1,15 You must take care of comissions there is broker can make you pay 14 euros by round turn.
  2. From 9.00 AM we have some other opportunities but ATR was too close, perhaps you can find more secure to enter at 9.00 or 9.30 where looks a good downtrend but nobody cant know how many time price could continue with downtrend, but what we know is the highest probabilities to enter safely and have at least 4 ticks positives at trades 1 y 2.
  3. I had two more opportunities at 9:05 AM and 14:54 PM but in both cases price was very near from ATR bands and prefer to avoid this trades with less probabilities, anyway it was winner trades too. At 15.50 PM i have good conditions to enter with sufficient space upto ATR bands
  4. Good EMA8 and EMA20 angles, candle touching EMA8 and confirmed when S4 support was crossed.
  5. In the morning (CET time) i prefered dont risk me to enter before S2 was crossed because it was ranging last day in this zone, but when S2 was crossed it was too late to enter because EMA8 was too far, later it was ranging and EMA8 was flat until US open, at 17h. i enter long at 2539, R1 was not still clearly passed but i decided to enter because i have still space upto ATR bands.
  6. My scalping strategy worked 90% in the past following the rules, but in real time its not easy, so i am starting test in real time with FESX, with time i hope to start with 6E too. When i am starting to trade 6E i hope to post my journal at traders laboratory while than please check: Any comments will be very appreciated!
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