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  1. Moving Averages work all the time anyone who says they dont they dont know what a chart is or what one looks like. Backtest it last few months and you will see its best to trade after a multiple cross when there is angle and seperation and price always bursts in that direction. the 20, 50 and 200 MA are used by most traders.
  2. Hi, When these types of bars come up on any timeframe are they stronger the more previous support or resistance points they break? E.G This CAD/JPY on the monthly has broken 6 previous months high lows likely to close end of month at this level does this make this bull very strong as its 6 months its broken resistance? Also, it has a GAP underneath it does that act as extra support/supply? Is price action likley to revist the gap? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Is it possible to know divergance through pure price action without using any indicators? Thanks.
  4. Okay I have attached can you tell the strength of the trend without MA's?
  5. Hi, Just looking for some input from the pros about these pairs which have MA's added to them, which they would feel would be the strongest going up/down? Is the steeper the MA's the healthier and stronger the trend going up n doon? Thanks.
  6. Great stuff do the commericals matter at all?
  7. So, that would be 59.2% change in trend?
  8. Does the blue or red line have any significance? or just ignore it? do you look at both fx futures and euro/dollar pair on this site or just 1?? Also, i got this info but it baffels me:-
  9. Cool, do you find the COT report useful do you use an indicator I am learning how to read it do you require to calculate it manually I found this website am I right and saying I look for the green line to go with the large non commercial speculators rather than hedgers or small specs? Charts | Timing Charts Do you select the currency pair as it states or are we looking at euro future? As fx doesnt have a central exchange?
  10. I see a cross over on the 1 min chart on EUR/USD at 10.47am MA it worked, but still stick to market structure along with MA system.
  11. To my understand indicators the majority of them when they were designed years ago and concept by the authors they used the stock market as a blueprint and foundation for their calculations. Yes, global markets move similar in 5 waves, however alteration required to be made for each instrument. I would advise only using 1 or at max 2 oscillators in trending markets only. There is no need to over complicate things missing you points and trades while you figure out if ADX is crossing this or that line.
  12. Yeah, thanks for that really looking for this missing piece FF is huge and you get lost. I post on a couple of forums as sometimes you get different types of replies than other most of the replies you get are not even about your question, but your spelling! or go to the chart Nial is great I watch his videos and read his articles and have him on facebook. Thanks.
  13. Hey Guys, I wanted to get the feedback of fellow traders new and experienced on the way they take reversals and continuation in confluence zones in trending markets between 5m-4 hour charts. In the spot fx market. I understand that continuations make up 65-70% of developed market patterns and reversals make up 30-35%. To my understanding for price action to make a continuation it usually stabs through the Support/Resistance zone or a momentum candle then pullbacks, which may been seen in lower timeframes for it to hold to make a continuation. Reversals usually make a pin bar reversal signal at a major structure level or between 38.2 - 78.6% fib level at times a double pin bar. I also seen at times price hugging the S&R lines especially in the Asian session coming into Europe for price to pullback and breakout only for it to fake out and then breakdown or a true breakout after a false breakout. Also, price tends to have a control point at 00 numbers with it either poking through and reversing or blasting through and continuing. What's your experience been like? Please stick to the topic.
  14. Hi, I trade spot forex majors I am wondering if someone experienced could tell me how long price reacts a specific swing hi and lows based on previous days or weeks? One place I heard it was about 2 months max others say 2 weeks I can’t seem to see it on the chart? I trade intraday 1-4 hour charts. Thanks.
  15. Really, 5 mins for a range to be developed sometimes? I guess the only way to find it is study the charts and write my findings.
  16. Hi, I am considering moving over to the 4 hour charts however I need someone experience on approximately how long it takes for the RANGE of the bar to develop approxametely. I know it could take UPTO 4 hours but is that reality?
  17. I agree that most businesses fail within 3 years, but to attribute that to traders this 90-99% figure is wrong as many people including myself would not enter this industry if that were the case. Also, do you understand that a lot of traders stay away from forums and only for the advanced who know how to trade? I have seen many traders on live chat rooms banking in the pips most of them with the odd loser and to say 95% of them are losers is outright wrong. Also, what does it mean by failure rate blowing an account or losing a few dollars here and there?? I am fed up hearing this and will not accept it surely with these forums and help on the net there are more communication and discussions to become successful than unsuccessful.
  18. Hi, Would be interesting to know what reasons/criteria traders use to enter trades. I trade the major spot fx pairs. I use MA for trend, round numbers, plus support and resistance on HTF plus candlestick formations with MACD for divergence sometimes trendline’s if they meet up 3 points.
  19. Sure, yes I already do that sometimes, but this forum is so comprehensive you get lost! Also, I feel that the search feature on this and other forums should be improved as mostly I use google to search this forum and not the search feature as it gives inaccurate results most of the time and Google gives more accurate searches. Thanks.
  20. Just browsing and curious as I find them posts the most useful.
  21. Price action is studying and learning the motion of the waves of the market. Higher highs and lower lows, candlestick formations, major and minor market structure and order flow. Also, studying round numbers along with studying and learning high timeframe analysis is what price action is about seeing the bigger picture. It's the big picture, which tells what the smaller picture is. Indicators are a separate family from price action. I dislike most indicators as they are complicated and conflict, however they are a few simple indicators when used with PA works well yes they all lag but even price action we are using historical data to determine a future event.
  22. I don't believe the 90% lose money because there is no reliable source or independent research or study that has been done that confirms this so I feel it’s a marketing gimmick to put most people off at trading. I remember when I first heard about trading what put me off was I could lose more than my initial deposit then later on I found out something called a stop loss which changed everything for me. I think the main reasons why people fail is they don’t take it as serious as if they opened a new store or starting a new job. Most retail traders are at home and they feel like they’re not working but playing which comes to the mind as a hobby and having fun. Many traders I have read and heard have said I started to be profitable after I took trading away as a hobby and got serious and made a plan. Another big reason is the low quality of education out there. I do think online learning is the way forward but some most of the programs out there work for the vendors who have hundreds of thousands to risk and are using members fees money to trade with and feel more comfortable. There is no way better to learn than someone sitting next to you and telling you how it’s done imo. It takes far too much time to learn on your own reading books, articles, videos and forums. I would advise new traders not to spend too much time in books, forums or chat rooms but look at the charts and look to see how it moves. Good luck and happy 2012.
  23. Hi, Is there a way to view the mosts thanks/liked threads on this forum here? I know there is a popular threads forum, however I am looking for threads that have been thanked/liked the most? Thanks.
  24. I have heard and read many stories of successful traders using MA on various places on the net but never seen it with my own naked eyes, however from the last years experience in trading I can say they do work not that I use them but they seem to strong sign with some delay not good for agressive traders but better for conservative. I use 30, 50, and 100 MA's looking for bounces between the 30, 50 I understand market movers use these MA's.
  25. Through my analysis of charts I can see a lot of false breakouts usually its 1 and then price rallies up and does a true breakout of the symetrical triangles usually. There are so many systems designed up trading a false breakout some traders view them as not false but a springboard to a rally coming up.
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