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  1. My job is done here. I tried to converse with the children and they have no respect.
  2. Thanks SS, this happened in 2002 around there. I know the IB platform is a little tricky, but it was a simple stop order. I did call IB and they said it could have been a software issue. Either way, we are responsible for any problems with the software or order placement, or even if MF Global chooses to drain our account and move out if the country.
  3. Did you watch the whole 51 minute interview? The last three minutes Lord Lloyd gave an example of the social significance of Goldmans' business. Paraphrased here: If an oil prospector wanted to drill for oil on land or in the ocean, and they calculated that the price of oil needed to be at $80 a barrel when they sold it - just to break even - the oil business would contact Goldman and lock in a price of $80 a barrel. The oil business would sell to Goldman oil futures for $80 a barrel when the price is currently at $40. Now the question I raised from the video you suggested was, what does Goldman do with the oil they bought at $80? Lord Lloyd gave examples of the benefits to the oil prospector and the economy. What does Goldman do with the oil they bought at $80?
  4. I used IB. Don't know if this helps, but their data is not tick data, it's a combined or compressed data (I forgot the exact wording). I did have two very strange trades occur with IB that never happened with other brokers. I was in a losing ES trade, placed my sell stop below the market - the market came within one tick of the stop - it never went bid, but my stop was executed. I checked the time & sales, no record of a trade at my sell stop. Then I downloaded the CME data for that day. Yes the market traded within one tick, but again, the market did not trade at my stop price. No data for my trade. My trade was offset at the stop price with no record at the exchange. And yes, the daily statement showed my original sell stop price to offset. This happened twice. Once in the ES and once in Crude Oil.
  5. The last 3 minutes of the video explains everything... Charlie Rose - Lloyd Blankfein, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Goldman Sachs So what does Goldman do when they buy oil at $80 a barrel when the price is currently $40? They do, what you do with $. Buy way-out-of-the-money call options and continue buying oil futures to raise the price to at least $80-$85-$90. The oil company and Goldman are happy.
  6. Ok, here is the video: Charlie Rose - Lloyd Blankfein, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Goldman Sachs ...so you agree that Goldman is the market...?
  7. My guess is GS&F rest limit buy orders on the way down (observe the thousands of contracts in the middle and at the end of a market sell off), then carefully buy the market (hit offer) when they want to halt the market and reverse, (where did the size limit bid orders go, on the way up?). Let's ask a few questions. If we had to enter and offset the ES market tomorrow during SP pit hours - 9:30-4:15 est. - with 40,000 contracts. What plan would we employ? How about 140,000 contacts? Or 410,000 contracts? After our competitors sell into our buying, we consider a plan to move the market in a controlled manner, using our size from multiple accounts, at predetermined levels. And if 410,000 couldn't do it, we'd use 820,000 contracts. We track our position, not by price, but by volume and open interest. (Think about that.) Lunch time hits and we created an upward trend that needs more convincing to go higher, for us to offset. The more stops we hit and levels we break through, gives us a safety net when we sell to the gamblers, who are now buyers. Our size, while we offset hitting the bid, moves the momentum indicator. Luckily, the gamblers only see this as a fib retracement or support level or 1-2-3, or whatever justifies their loss, and they keep buying causing the market to channel, near the high, with an 8 point range. Fact or Fiction? You decide...
  8. Correct Goldman is an investment bank. You deposit 10 million and they trade your account for you. Just like our (BoA) bank uses our money to invest and gives us a checking .5% account. Or a CD and earn 1%. They take our money and they trade with it or lend it out. But GS&F have many customers depositing 10 million plus. Look at this http://nowthemoment.com/images/Goldman_10-q-2q-2011.pdf (800k). Scroll down and read page 32 and 33. Equities contracts = 421,571. Then read, Liquidity Risk Management page 148+, Market Risk Management page 154+. On page 153 Goldman states; 'Our cash and cash equivalents increased by $5.65 billion to $45.43 billion at the end of the second quarter of 2011. We generated $13.10 billion in net cash from operating and investing activities.'. Is Goldman trading MM?
  9. Got a question for you 'da Mouse'. Look at the chart here that Steve46 uploaded; http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/attachments/32/26658d1321164859-goldman-sachs-friends-screen-capture.png Where do you think Goldman Sachs bought? Did they buy from 1265-1275 on Nov 8th? or around 1235-1225 on Nov 9th? We don't even need to look at volume when looking for the - 800 lb, Big Brother, Owners of the Holy Grail - 'Goldman Sachs'; because they move the market at will. They buy on the way down and sideways, then sell going up. And push the market higher if they have more to sell. Our 1 lot or 10 lot or 50 lot or 100 lot, are absolutely insignificant to the 2 million daily ES contract market. But, GS&Friends tens and hundreds of thousands of contracts are the market. Their participation is volume and is what makes our indicators move. Our entry into the market amounts to a coin flip or guess. That is the truth. We are only guessing on Banker or Player. Goldman owns the casino.
  10. Is that a 10 minute chart you are using Steve? Yes I agree, zones of supply and demand is of major importance.
  11. Yes Deer, and ChiCorp with PruBache and several other smaller retail brokers trade also in the S&P pit. But I had to find a cut off for who are the consistent large volume brokers and the smaller volume houses. Do you listen and trade with pit audio Deer?
  12. See if your trades match up with GS&F for Monday, Nov. 14, 2011.
  13. Hmmm, I knew you would consider attempting a long at 1310, thinking a pullback to new highs. And your volume analysis...do you break down bid/ask volume or just over all volume?
  14. edit: sent private message

  15. ...and if the price is moving against poor dearest Mildred (who is short and selling), on low volume - and volume increases as she continues to sell, causing the buyers to offset and sell along with her - what might your analysis be then? My dancing friend Josh, we are on the same side supporting a similar argument, with mine being detailed applying names to the volume, which you see as time and sales. Oh yes, I only posted a chart with arrows, I did not propose a theory. But, just for fun, allow me to pose this question. For fun remind you. You're sitting at your screen and decide to check your email. Great, you have one in you inbox. You think 'wow, a busy day, I have an email'. The subject line reads re: s13ten. The email says; 'begin selling at 1310'. 'Funny', you say to yourself, 'the email is from sid@goldmansachs.com'. You never received an email from Sid before and don't know anyone named Sid. And it was not in your spam folder. The market is rallying past 1290 (with volume), breaks the 1300 barrier (with volume), begins to go sideways around 1311 (with higher volume), peaks at 1313 (with higher volume). The market is at 1312 (with less volume), 1311 (with less volume), 1310 (with less volume). 1309 (with volume), 1308 (with volume). You think of the strange email you received. Josh, using your volume analysis what caused the market to stop at 1313? And you will say, 'the buyers stopped buying and the sellers continued to sell'. ...and you're correct. Also, I think it's important to know "the who", just like you knew.
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