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  1. Also now done for next release. When you select a Time Per Profile of "3 Sessions", the color control in upper right corner turns into a 2-color control, allowing you to specify color for overnight and day session profiles now. Chad
  2. Yes, that can be done. Here is a chart you can import that demonstrates this: Images | ChartHub.com I've added the Profile Indicator twice to the chart (added it once, setup like I wanted, then right-clicked on dotted line around rightmost profile and "duplicated"). Each one is setup as explained at the bottom of this page: Investor/RT - Answers (LinnSoft.com) with a duration of "3 Session" to achieve the split session. In the 2nd instance of the Profile Indicator, I chose a different color and also checked "2nd Session Only" so that one skips the drawing of the first (overnight 1020 min) session. Have to make sure the 2nd session only profile is drawn in front of the other one in the drawing order. Hope this helps. Chad
  3. In this char: Images | ChartHub.com I've drawn the bars with a style of "High Low Bars". I added a Moving Average indicator setup with a 1 period smoothing of close to give me the close dot. I simply drew the MA as a continuous line, but adjusted the color control to give me a style of "dotted" and a width of 5, resulting in 5 pixel diameter dots on the close. I added paintbars for taller bars, orange for 1 std dev and yellow for 2 std dev. I used a period of 100 for these. I painted the other bars gray but you could paint them red and green based on up or down if you wish. Just change the up/down candle colors for the instrument. Let me know if you have anything more you want to add to this or if you have any problem with it. Can import from the page linked above. Chad
  4. LS_Chad

    IRT Features

    Yes. As long as you can export the data to a text file or csv file, you can import it into Investor/RT. That includes tick data, daily data, monthly data, etc. You can even schedule periodic imports of data from specific files if needed. To import data, choose "file: import: data". Once import window appears, hit the F1 key for help on importing. Chad
  5. Video #5: Opening Statistics, in the video series Homework, Research, Statistics is now available. What is the maximum distance that price moves from the open of the day session each day? What is the average max move? What is the median max move? How often does price open in previous days range? When opening opening in range, how often does it touch both the previous days high and low? How often does it touch neither? www.linnsoft.com/homework Chad
  6. Yes. I don't think he's posted there in a while....Twitter is his primary medium now. He has over 30k tweets and over 5k followers.
  7. His web site can be found at FuturesTrader71 | Simplicity in Trading He trades primarily off of Volume Profiles (Profile Indicator)....both composite, micro-composite, and daily. Has a substantial following on twitter and shares a lot of good info on twitter. Can follow him at @FuturesTrader71 Chad
  8. A comprehensive look at the many implementations of the powerful Volume Breakdown Indicators. Topics covered include Cumulative Delta, Tick Data, Filtering Size, Smart Compression, Indicators on VB, Effective Volume, and much more. www.linnsoft.com/vb Chad
  9. A comprehensive overview of the Profile Indicator: A Powerful, Flexible, and Complete Tool for Time and Volume Profiling www.linnsoft.com/profile Chad
  10. This is comprehensive guide for setting up FT71's charts in Investor/RT. It covers everything including: selecting proper data service, installation and activation of software, import of charts, historical data setup and import, and much more. It is highly recommended that any FT71 follower wishing to replicate his charts in Investor/RT watch this video in it's entirety at least once. It covers just about everything mentioned in the videos below and more. www.linnsoft.com/ft71/start Chad
  11. I have create a web page where I will be posting all Cumulative Delta information. I've recently added videos which show how to add Trendlines, Zig Zag, or apply any other indicator to the Cumulative Delta Bars, just as you would the price bars. www.linnsoft.com/cumdelta Chad
  12. I added two new options to the Volume Breakdown indicator in Investor/RT 10.3.5, giving the user the ability to accumulate the number of bid/ask changes or price changes within each bar, and further the ability to accumulate those for entire session or chart. Here is a chart (with definition) showing the per-bar bid/ask changes in the middle pane, and the accumulated bid/ask changes for the day session in the lower pane. According to chart, there were 2091 bid/ask changes during day session on Friday compared w/ 2697 on Thursday. By comparison (not shown) there were 14,875 price changes on Friday. Images | ChartHub.com Chad
  13. Video 4: VPOC Statistics.... ....How do I export daily VPOCs to excel along with open, high, low, close and volume for further analysis? How far on average was VPOC from previous day VPOC? How often did price open below/above previous days VPOC? What days had a VPOC very close to previous days VPOC? How often did price open in previous range and touch previous VPOC? How often did price open out of range and touch previous VPOC? Investor/RT - Homework, Research, Statistics Chad
  14. Video 3: Average Range/Volume and Other Tendencies What is the average range and volume of the initial balance, the overnight period, the day session, the 24hr session? How often does price open above/below previous day session range? What is the relationship of overnight direction to day session direction and visa versa? Investor/RT - Homework, Research, Statistics Chad
  15. Video 2 in Series: HOD/LOD Counts: How frequently does the high of the day or low of the day occur within each 30 minute bar/bracket? within each 5 minute bar? Investor/RT - Homework, Research, Statistics Notes from HOD/LOD Counts Video... * HOD occurs in first 30 minutes 24.6% of the time. LOD 27% of the time. * During the 2.5 hour mid-day period beginning 11:30pm ET, the HOD and LOD is rarely created (around 3% of the time for each 30-min period). Chad
  16. Video 1: IB Breakouts: How frequently does price break above the IB high, below the IB low, to both side, or stay inside the IB for the duration of the session? www.linnsoft.com/homework Chad
  17. This video demonstrates various methods and shortcuts for managing space in Multi-Pane charts. http://www.screencast.com/t/RsVXwmWvx Chad
  18. This video demonstrates how to put a reference line in the chart that follows the current price and draws multiple bands at certain price increments above and below current price. http://www.screencast.com/t/2zjxfhftn9 Chad
  19. I created a Shapes Indicator page and added some information on that indicator which wasn't covered in the video: Investor/RT - Shapes Indicator Chad
  20. New Investor/RT Video: Shapes Indicator: http://tinyurl.com/2dkp6wj This video demonstrates a variety of ways to use the Shapes Indicator including highlighting key areas, painting indicator panes with different background color, and drawing repeating and concentric shapes. Chad
  21. Alarms: Automating Alerts for New High and Low (24 min. video): This video demonstrates the Alarms functionality in Investor/RT and explains various ways to set and use alarms, including alerts for new highs and lows. http://www.screencast.com/t/RhWHMhVJDwiI Chad
  22. This video demonstrates how to access the delta of larger timeframes or periodicities from charts and signals. Specifically, it explains how to access the 10-minute delta from a 2-minute chart. http://www.screencast.com/t/6Scoluz0O6Nc Chad
  23. This 21-min video is a follow-up to the first Audible Alerts video and discussions some alternate, efficient and dynamic methods for implementing these audible/visible alerts for key price levels. TechSmith | Screencast.com, online video sharing, Audible Alerts for Key Levels on Multiple Symbols
  24. This Investor/RT video demonstrates how to setup audible alerts (and logging) for price approaching key levels such as the previous day session high or low. http://www.screencast.com/t/RhWHMhVJDwiI (18 mins) Chad
  25. This video demonstrates how to quickly paint the bar or background of a bar based on the value of any technical indicator using the Paintbar Indicator or the Color Marker Indicator. http://www.screencast.com/t/IwTXgOUUg4N4 Chad
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