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  1. Mean reversion after a nominal high is a wonderful thing. Buy more at lower prices
  2. Going back over history, you'll see similar patterns have repeated. Take the 1970's for example. SPX_1970s - StockBuz We saw a similar setup. What matters is the direction of the trend break. Ask yourself; have people stopped putting money into 401ks (?). Are business and credit collapsing? and you can guess the ultimate direction. Sure, shorter term moves may see corrections (buying opportunities) but the trend is still up.
  3. JLJ TDAmeritrade's TOS [think or swim] platform allows you to open as many individual charts as you wish OR layout up to 28 charts on one screen if you like. This 5min video demonstrates this optional setup. thinkorswim flash demos Open a cash account or papertrade. It's up to you. good luck
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