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  1. As Mammy Yokum said: "Truer words were never spoke." The larger your trade size and the higher the account value, the more likely you are to sabotage your system.
  2. No, this is the one I teach my students. It comes with the territory.
  3. I have a chart of the results ... I can't reveal the calculations, as, unlike Vince, mine is proprietary and I offer it to my students without revealing the code. My code uses the actual trade values and calculates the number of shares to put on for the next trade. To use the code you must have a minimum of 30 actual trades to put into the spreadhseet. Sunny
  4. I have a modified Ralph Vince optimal-f that I call Ultimate-F, because it avoids the high risk of ruin. It is much better than the Kelly formula and still compounds your results dramatically. YES, it works great with 45% or even 40% as long as your CPC Index is greater than 1.2.
  5. Announcement: in April of this year Sunny Harris released her newest book: "TradeStation Made Easy!" -- it's a fantastic read for new and for veteran traders alike.
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