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  1. Hey Pickon, finally glad to see someone else here that uses the software as well as I do. Although you are correct about the EMA and SMAs the main problem though with what you stated is that your method would only justify success when the averages break out of a fist... You'd be waiting 4 hours inbetween those periods starring at a screen. You need to go back and learn to use pivots and everything to be far more productive.
  2. Wait, your the owner of the Tutanag Hedge Fund?
  3. Steve try this, listen to the 1 hours webinar on tuesday afternoon while she trades on live market data using a demo account. Match it with your charts, and mymic her trades on YOUR software. I'm sure you'd be surprised with the fact that she just made you money off copying her trades live. Just try it man... Look I live in Texas, shadowtraders is located in FL and TN... i dont work for them.
  4. Not entirely correct, it all depends on your broker... Mine AmpFutures, requires $500 worth of margin per contract... ALSO anybody who holds futures overnight is CRAZY, futures were not MADE to be held onto with the amount of leverage you are using. I dont even believe the institutions or hedge fund companies will dare to hold a future over night... Well... unless you wanna go back in the day when people traded physical commodities. I have my futures for a minimum of 2 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds. Intraday margin = Margin for intraday trading only. This margin is set by Variance Futures and your Futures Commission Merchant. Overnight margin = Holding positions into the close or for several days at a time and is set by the exchange of the products you are trading, however in such instances Variance Futures and your FCM may require margins greater than exchange minimum margins.
  5. Look I am new here to the forums and based on all the bantering it appears that you guys are arguing about the commission of futures vs profit. You see, the main issue toward what I am seeing here is that you guys are only trading 1 contract at a time. That makes NO SENSE in the flippin' world. When I am on NinjaTrader and I look at the Time and Sales Window, nearly 80% of all the trades are 1 contract trades. Lets use AMPFutures or TDAmeritrade as your broker, TD charges $4.50/round trip... Now if one contract of say the 6E(Euro) market costs 12.5 dollars per tick and you have to leverage $500 dollars, it would make no sense in the world to operate on one contract. ((12.5 X 1) * 2(TICK PROFIT))-4.5(commission) = 20.5 dollars... Most people on here seem to be making about 1 tick and scalping the market. So in that case they'd make about $8 every successful tick. Now heres where the advise comes into play, if you guys have an account with say... 10K in it and one contract uses about $500 worth of margin/contract... Then why not leverage 5 CONTRACTS, which is about $2,500 of an investment where in the worse case you lose $62.50 per tick. Since TD or AMP charges a $4.50 charge ROUND TRIP then you are not even hurting your profits what so ever... Not to mention if you were experienced and NOT scalping the trades you can make over 16 ticks per trade... That is some serious money. It looks to me that the two main issues here is this... 1) People are only trading with 1 contract... But they will trade 4 times a day... that means they get hit at a $4.50 commission every time... WHY NOT just do 4 contracts ALL IN ONE TRADE then. 2) People are having just as many loses as wins, well with commission that isn't going to work. Look I'll share how I do... and yes I live with what I am preaching here... I trade 5 contracts PER TRADE at a $4.50 round trip. I win about 80% of all the trades I partake in. (INDICATORS, WILL GET YOU THESE FIGURES) I also average about 5 ticks per trade... and I'll make about 12 trades a day. MATH TIME!!! 5 Contracts * 12.5 = 62.50 62.5 * 5 ticks (avg) = 312.50 312.50 * 12 trades per day = 3750 3750 * 20% loss streak = $3000 12 trades * 4.5 Comm = $54 $3000 - $54 = $2946 AVG DAILY TOTAL: $2946, off a $2,500 margin... Thats over 110% return a day. RECAP: *Trade with more contracts, MORE contracts equals less commission. *Play in the simulator, learn to get 80% of the trades, you want to achieve an average of 5 ticks per trade at 5 contracts. *GET YOURSELF SOME INDICATORS (I USE TONS, but at least get your EMA 15, SMA 20, SMA 50, SMA100, SMA200.... ALSO find PIVOT resistence lines... and some fractals. If anyone wants to argue with me and rebuke what I just stated, I'd be glad to explain in further detail. Look scalping is speculation, and speculating is the same as being a greedy and fat like a pig, and PIGS they get slaughtered.
  6. I just know that filling it out invalid is considered fraud, and it would suck to get sued. What is the liability for "getting creative" when filling out applications anyway?
  7. No AMP will not, they require at least 50 thousand dollars of NETWorth and I do not have anybody to be a joint tenant with me so that won't work. I really don't want to have to fake asset information to get an account, because I believe thats illegal... <.<
  8. I have 5K to actually put into an account, do you know of any broker that you have actually used that will allow me to trade and to sign an agreement stating that I understand the risks w/out judging my application based on networth?
  9. I never said that you could consistently make 1,000 dollars every consistent 10minutes that would be ridiculous. I simply stated how it is not uncommon for that to happen once in a while trading futures. I average about $3,000/day some of my friends can get about 10K.
  10. I am confused with this post, because it lacks two things. Firstly, you are making an assumption about something that you have never tried. How can you judge something which you are not a part of... Secondly, you are using your past experiences to judge something, well maybe you do not know everything there is to know about the market... If you knew everything about the market, you'd be worth trillions. There is always room to learn something else... Now this was the most confusing part for me considering the fact that you stated, "If there was a way to make thousands of dollars in 10 minutes on a consistent basis, I think I would have heard about it by now.." Well, to me this confuses me or strikes me as kind of confusing; the reason I say this is confusing is because anybody that trades in the futures market KNOWS for a solid fact that if you traded at 5 contracts of the 6E market 16 ticks is all you need (17 if you count commissions) is all you need to make a thousand dollars. You need 16 ticks going in the direction you wanted it to go, if you went long or short. Please don't take this as a bash, please respond to this, because it does make me curious as to how you said you have no idea about how someone could make a thousand dollars in 10min. Anybody that trades futures would know this is possible to gain 1000 or lose thousand in 10min. It works both ways, this program shows an investor simply how to have more successful trades then losing trades.
  11. Also here is a follow up post because since the last one I have purchased the program and please, allow me to enlighten all of you curious individuals. First, when you BUY the program you'll be introduced to all of their strategies and how they work, nothing is kept secret. Not only that but when you attend the live classes with Melanie Sonn you'll see that she is extremely active in answering student's questions. As a matter of fact when you first enter she'll ask, how has everyone traded today? "Did any of you guys make over 200 tickets of profit on just 1 contract?" AKA $2,500 in the 6E market (excluding commissions), with commissions it all depends but you could see yourself lose only about $25 in commissions which is flat out nothing. :haha: You'll find out that almost 90% of the chatroom is almost "praising" her methods of trading because nearly everyone in the room is successful. For the other 10%, all of them are new traders and she ensures them to just to keep studying. (AKA 3 weeks ago I was loosing trades, and now my winning trades are about 95% of the time) I love how people have been bashing something that they have no clue about, neither have they purchased the program. I saw someone post an image of some of the indicators from the package, and please.... thats about 1/4th of them not to mention with what they give you, IF YOU can READ your indicators and trade the way YOUR SUPPOST to, psh I can assure you that some people in this program with 99% of the time with their trades, and that is not a BS statistic.
  12. So recently I have been very interested in taking up futures trading. I have taken tons of classes and have been paper trading with Ninja Trader using Zenfire data. Now my question is the brokerage ampfutures allows me to make trades for $500/contract @ 4/contract round trip Now the main reason I am interested in using AMPFutures is that you can use NinjaTrader to trade your futures. Its an amazing tool! Now the problem comes into play with the fact that I am 18 and have no networth. I want to take about 4,000 dollars and put it into a futures account trading maybe 1 or 2 contracts of the 6E market at a time. Any suggestions on brokerages, or what I should do?
  13. Although I have yet to purchase the program, I DO PLAN TO. Also allow me to tell you that I have met a 70 year old man personally who actually introduced me to the program and he works 10min in the market with about 10 contracts making about 2,500/day. I asked him why not spend all day? He stated cause hes retired and just havin fun with his life. Trust me, I do not know the other programs, but he strongly recommended shadow traders. Also out of curiousity what other programs are you researching as well?
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