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  1. Trader273/jonik, This is code for a similar indicator I use. It places a trend line (extended to the right) at the hi and lo of the previous bar, and annotes the hi/lo prices and the range differential between them. Perhaps you can modify this to meet jonik's format. //ID_64100 // High Low Range // Courtesy of tradingkevin // <a href="https://www.tradestation.com/Discussions/Topic.aspx?Topic_ID=64100'>https://www.tradestation.com/Discussions/Topic.aspx?Topic_ID=64100 " target="_blank">https://www.tradestation.com/Discussions/Topic.aspx?Topic_ID=64100 </a> { shows on the chart the HIGH-LOW and the range in ticks between those 2 extrems for the last bar close. } input:TextColor(White),LineColor(White),LineWeight (0),LineLength(3),DecimalPlaces(0); var:init(false),ed(0),et(0),tl1(0),tl2(0),tx1(0),tx2(0),tx3(0); if lastbaronchart then begin ed=d; et=timetominutes(t)+linelength; if et>1439 then begin ed=juliantodate(datetojulian(ed)+1); et=et-1440; end; et=minutestotime(et); if init then begin tl_setbegin(tl1,d[1],t[1],h[1]); tl_setbegin(tl2,d[1],t[1],l[1]); tl_setend(tl1,ed,et,h[1]); tl_setend(tl2,ed,et,l[1]); text_setstring(tx1," "+numtostr(h[1],decimalplaces)); text_setstring(tx2," "+numtostr(l[1],decimalplaces)); text_setstring(tx3,"+ "+numtostr(h[1]-l[1],decimalplaces)); text_setlocation(tx1,ed,et,h[1]); text_setlocation(tx2,ed,et,l[1]); text_setlocation(tx3,ed,et,(h[1]+l[1])/2); end else begin tl1=tl_new(d[1],t[1],h[1],ed,et,h[1]); tl2=tl_new(d[1],t[1],l[1],ed,et,l[1]); tl_setcolor(tl1,linecolor); tl_setcolor(tl2,linecolor); tl_setsize(tl1,lineweight); tl_setsize(tl2,lineweight); tl_setstyle(tl1,1); tl_setstyle(tl2,1); if datacompression=0 then begin tl_setextleft(tl1,true); tl_setextleft(tl2,true); end else begin tl_setextleft(tl1,false); tl_setextleft(tl2,false); end; tl_setextright(tl1,false); tl_setextright(tl2,false); tx1=text_new(ed,et,h[1]," "+numtostr(h[1],decimalplaces)); tx2=text_new(ed,et,l[1]," "+numtostr(l[1],decimalplaces)); tx3=text_new(ed,et,(h[1]+l[1])/2,"+ "+numtostr(h[1]-l[1],decimalplaces)); text_setcolor(tx1,textcolor); text_setcolor(tx2,textcolor); text_setcolor(tx3,textcolor); text_setstyle(tx1,0,2); text_setstyle(tx2,0,2); text_setstyle(tx3,0,2); init=true; end; end;
  2. Blowfish, The profile in your chart above looks a lot like the one I found in this TS Forum thread: https://www.tradestation.com/Discussions/Topic.aspx?Topic_ID=50398&SearchTerm=Market%20Profile&txtExactMatch= Sorry, I couldn't get the hyperlink to work properly. Anyway, if so, I downloaded the ELD for 8.1 but can't get it to display on a chart. Any tips? Thanks, Karl
  3. Thanks, Dogpile. That, of course, requires manual insertion of the PVP line onto the price chart. I'm wondering how Jerry plots his PVP which updates automatically as PVP changes during the day. Karl
  4. Hello Everyone, My first post after spending nearly two months absorbing all the information available on this site. Let me first congratulate the many contributors who do so in a professional non-rancorous manner. It is truly refreshing. I have two questions regarding this thread. First, is there a TradeStation eld for plotting the PVP? Second, has the method for calculating/plotting the SD for VWAP been settled? Thanks, Karl
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