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  1. Bought a Mac for my daughter, I'm SICK of Gates and won't give him another penney! The unit works flawlessly right out of the box, no worries of viruses and the programs are EASIER than ANY windows based or Office based programs. How is Mac with trading ???
  2. You better read January's PC World before you spend all this money. They report there is little difference between the two. Many users went back to the 32bit version due to the lack of 64 bit drivers. AND, M$ Vista won't let you use any 64 bit drivers that M$ hasn't approved, (I wonder if approval has something to do with paying Gates?) Now, I can't remember the source, but I remember all of us around the water cooler talking about the one article somewhere that compared XP with Vista, both 32 and 64 bit. In all cases, VISTA was slower, AND, it ran slower on Dual Core machines!! As I stated, I can't substantiate it at this time, I can't remember the article. Conclusion, I will not be buying Vista at all, AND Office 07 went too far on the simplicity side and its now burdensome for those who don't need all the extra movements so they don't get lost.
  3. Day Trading, ok--- the videos now makes sense to me. I don't day trade so I was trying to understanding how the system would work with someone who buys a stock and checks on it every day or so. Knowing this makes your videos have perfect sense now. This is why I asked for verification. Just starting out I find myself being confused by all the new terms, techniques, and emotions. I believe sometimes I make things more difficult than they should be. Am I correct then in assuming that this site is basically for day traders then? It’s a great site with many very experienced/educated and wise people; maybe I too will become proficient and experienced enough to be with the rank and file here :-) Thanks again for the kind reply, Rich
  4. James, I started to watch your vid's and decided to start at the beginning. Your first video reveals great things, but brings up some basic questions, at least for me :-) 1st. 'trading', is your definition of it as 'daily trading'? I can't see this working on a buy that is held for some time, maybe a week, month, year etc. Can you explain please if I'm in error... 2nd, Your chart that shows the pivot point, R1 &2 and S 1,2 &3, is this pivot type chart accessible without a premium account? Being new to this, your videos have a LOT of information, but for us who are starting out they seem to jump into the heavy stuff without explanations of the basics. It’s with the help of a few others that I learned anything about the pivot point. I guess what I'm asking is, is there a 'beginners' section on what and how too? Thanks, I appreciate the site, but as a newbie it is somewhat overwhelming in many ways. I REALLY like the videos, but more simplicity (at least for my limited understanding) would really be helpful. Some of us aren't as educated and experienced as you and many other here. Thanks again, James, PLEASE DON'T think I'm being negative, I'm not. I'm just sometimes lost at what your trying to convey. Rich
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