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  1. Hi Tams. I'm not a "divergence guru" and I still have to learn a lot about this. But in my divergences I see a little market reverse, not big but almost similar to those related to the blue lines which are automatically displayed by the indicator. I used it with default values: FastLength: 12 SlowLength: 26 Length: 20 LeftStrength: 3 RightStrength: 3 Anyway, does anybody use this indicator with the same values cited above? Or has made some changes to the code? Cheers
  2. Hi AAA and thanks for sharing your indicators. I imported your indicator in Multicharts and plotted in to a 1-Minute chart. Maybe I use it in a bad way but, as you can see in the attached image, I found two divergences not displayed by the indicator. See the red lines inside the two red rectangles. Do I have to use it in a different type of char? (i.e. 5 min chart) I'd like to use it even in a tick chart but it doesn't look good. Do you have any idea? Thanks anyway for your job.
  3. Hi Mysticforex, does your indicator work even in Multicharts? Is it coded in EasyLanguage? Thanks
  4. So, did you modify dbntina's indicators adding new code? I'm interested in the same method but I can't find newer or updated volume indicators such as pvp or vwap. Do you have (or someone has) any of these? Thanks
  5. Hi, I asked the same question days ago but had no answers yet. See here: http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/46/vwap-indicator-1sd-2sd-bands-2175-13.html Did you find useful dbntina's indicators?
  6. No suggestions? :crap: I just don't want to spend money buying some indicators while I'm still a beginner. Anyway... Can anybody help me? Otherwise, please let me know which of volume indicators (especially VWAP) you frequently use, even if they are not free. I'm interested in building a volume based strategy. Thanks guys, hope to hear from you. Cheers
  7. Hi everyone and happy new year to all of you. I'm a new member here and I found this thread very useful. I also found very interesting all the volume’s threads in this forum so I would like to thank all the members for their effort, especially DBNTINA and JPERL. I saw that this post begun almost four years ago and I have some questions about the DBVWAP_SD.ELD file. Note that I use MultiCharts and unfortunally I’m not a programmer... 1) Is anyone still using the DBVWAP_SD.ELD file as the author published it in the 2007 or has someone developed any upgrade of it? I saw that there’s a 3 standard deviations one but I would like to know if somebody coded a new ELD file which is more accurate or requesting less processor resources? (but of course, thanks Dbntina for your great job!). Since I’m almost a beginner I’m interested in free files… 2) On another Dbntina’s thread I found the TICKPVPVWAPSD.ELD file . Does anybody know (or Dbntina knows ) if is it more accurate than the DBVWAP_SD.ELD file? 3) I didn’t find the way to plot PVP together with VWAP and its SDs in the same chart as shown in this image: http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/attachments/46/5592d1206291287-ts-tick-tick-pvp-plotted-vwap-pvp-vwap-sd-bands.png I always have to open a chart with the PVP at first and then another one with VWAP and its SDs. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance to all of the members that can give me a feedback. Cheers
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