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  1. SST Seven Summits Trading is a Trading system which can be adapted to suit any market or timeframe developed by Netpicks. Check out the excel spreadsheet for my backtesting results (Shows a definite profitable trading edge)
  2. Totaly agree, just thought others should know this example as not one mentor/coach has never explained it to me untill the netpicks owners yearly webinar
  3. Hi all, I use PFG Best minimum trade is 1 mini lot, however there is no need to go past MT4 any longer with the use of MYFX which is briliant for setting partial targets and auto stop loss adjustments My broker (go markets even provided it for free usaully around $100)
  4. I thought I would give a warning based on my trading experience using SST I have blown 50% + of my account following a profitable system, heres how. I used a 2% risk money management system. (2% of the average back tested Loss) I appear to have over traded in that I traded every entry signal, so if ten different pairs/time frames had entrys at the same time I got into all 10 plus. (my partner looked after half the pairs on the laptop) I was so strick with my rules that I took every entry even when I could see that the market was very choppy. I had back tested for 2 months prior to trading so knew that I had an edge. After my account was down by 40%+ I changed to 1% risk money management system and my account continued to go down. Please Note: my shorter term backtesting has been narrowed down to suit Australian 5pm-midnight as I work the other 11hrs of the day. Recomendation: Only trade small number of pairs(As suggested during netpick owners annual webinar) Get back into winning trades that were stopped out early Use Risk management based on entry stop lose, not average. Stop trading at pre determined level eg 5% or 10% max loss per day I have taken a break from SST for obvious reasons(confidence shattered). Don't let this happen to your account! I have included my backtesting spreadsheet (a bit messy) hope it helps someone. I would be happy to forward the SST settings used for each pair/timefame Note all back testing was using mt4 measuring pips with curser for speed so not 100% accurate as doing the math Brent Pips per account dollarfor Forum.xls
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