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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but I find the reporting and trading statistics very poor or not not intuitive enough. OEC should improve their report generating system - Generating reports takes forever to process - Users should be able to create custom reports within the OEC platform that can be easily generated daily I'm sure this is already well known, but trend lines can often skew chart viewing which throws off the x/y coordinate ratios. Rather than having candles saturate the entire chart window, trend lines can cause the candles to become compressed until they are removed. Major pain.
  2. This is getting good. :fight:
  3. Thanks. I think I'm going to stop trading now and just cash in on teaching it. Maybe make up for a chunk of my losses. :rofl:
  4. I once read that if you trade to trade well, money naturally follows. I think this is good advice because it takes the trader's focus away from the money aspects and more towards trading itself. This fact alone typically means better control of emotions for the trader. It's especially good advice for new traders because it can help dampen those "get rich quick" urges.
  5. After playing with various trading platforms out there, I have to say OEC Trader is by far the most visually appealing and user-friendly. What's the deal with most of the broker software out there looking like it was written in 1985? I have to give OEC major credit for making such an appealing product with a modern feel. The connectivity issues seem to be the biggest problems plaguing OEC and that's truly a shame because I thought I had finally found the perfect broker for me after falling in love with the software. Seeing as how this thread hasn't been updated since August, connectivity issues have either improved or did everyone leave this broker?
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