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  1. I also would love to watch that 3 hour presentation, however all i can get is the audio.. it is a bit hard to imagine what exactly you are looking at when describing it in the audio. Anyway you can post a link that works to the actual video? much appreciated cheers, youngest
  2. I did not mean neccesarily trading the news report at the time it is released, Was referring more to how the over all trading day unfolds after a certain news event. Has anyone kept a journal of this? as for how the day unfolds after a FOMC or ISM, Unemployment etc.. seems to be alot more probability of a trend day when the news is an extreme good/bad. hope that made it clearer !
  3. Hey guys, Im pretty new face around here at TL but i have a passion for trading more so the E-MINI S&P this previous week i have noticed that since the ISM MFG reports were good the market also shot up a great deal, same follows with the unemployment reports on friday.. good news = big uptrend in the market that day. Basically the question is how many of you guys have kept journals regarding these correlations and what input can you offer me based on your experiences. What days are likely to produce up/down trends based on news releases/reports, What days you should be wary to trade on following a specific report etc.. discuss i think this would be beneficial for a lot of e-mini traders on here. youngest, cheers
  4. Hello Steve, New here 20 years old really passionate about trading been trading the E-MINI for about a year and a bit now making money then losing it all back , always managing to just come back right before blowing up my account :helloooo: . When you are talking about learning to read the tape how would i go on about doing that? Is this watching the number of contracts at each level on my trading platform and making some assumptions through those? Any input would be helpful thanks alot
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