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  1. No one here has blamed their results on anyone else. Technology latency is an issue to contend with, but when it happens this often you have to question the capability of company causing it. At the very least OEC should state why their operations are encountering problems with connectivity and what they are doing to prevent it in the future.
  2. OEC was down for more than 15 minutes two weeks ago, and today it had been down since 11:30 AM EST – more than an hour. In no way is saying there are connectivity problems with Open E Cry false or misleading. If you work for Open E Cry recommend to OptionsXpress that they provide more server support or at the least provide alerts when connectivity issues are occurring. Open E Cry has many good aspects, but NO ONE should deny issues exist with connectivity. If someone is considering Open E Cry as a trading platform they should be aware that problems do occur, any attempt to deny this is fiducially irresponsible. It is more important that Open E Cry works to become a better platform than shirk accountability and jeopardize client funds.
  3. Regarding your first question, which is the most important, I would definitely have a backup system, and plan on Open E Cry going down or having a connection disruption once a week. OEC rarely gives warning or acknowledgement when server issues are occuring. Questions regarding connection issues have been posted on message boards for the past few years. Normally company spokespeople will state it is your problem with your internet connection. OEC has positve aspects, but connectivity issues are not one of them. Just be aware that they will occur. This morning it happened to me all ready, not a major disruption, but the DOM went blank for a brief period. The firm, now owned by OPXS, should dedicate more funds to server and client support and remedy connection issues.
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