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  1. I've probably done more backtesting of CL with the SST than anyone (with the only possible exception being TJ himself). You are correct in seeing that the time period immediately before the stock market opening does not have results as profitable as other time periods. I believe it is because a setup may occur because of what crude oil is doing, however once the stock market opens crude oil follow stocks for a while and that can cause the CL setup to follow stocks instead of its own setup. Just my thought. ?? I don't have my trading computer with my UTA with me today and I need to cut this short as I need to help family members move to a new house this morning. But I saw your message and wanted to give at least some input. I am in the training room and I take all CL 377 trades (except I don't go against an extremely oversold/overbought market as determined by the Netpicks MACD). I don't want to step in front of a moving train! My POQ is 2 wins and Positive or I stop with 3 wins, whichever comes first. If you'd like to ask me anything my email is: jon@foxstamp.com I'd be happy to help in any way. Good Luck Jon Zeininger
  2. The Ultimate Trade Analyzer (UTA) is a spreadsheet used in MS Excel to analyze the data you input about the trades you studying. It is NOT a trading system. It helps you analyze your trading system. I also successfully trade the BP futures along with TJ in his trade room using the HVMM 2010 which IS a trading system. We use the UTA to fine tune our trading plan. The UTA is a fabulous tool that every trader should consider using who is serious about finding a winning system, and then fine tuning it to get the most favorable results from it. The ease of use and the large amount of useful statistics that result make it indispensable to me. I have learned so much about my trading strategies simply by recording the entry and exit prices plus the time of entry. There are filters you can use to sort out different factors such as what type of setup signal caused the trade and what criteria was used to exit the trade. My favorite tool is the time-of-day tool. Trades are sorted based on 6 time periods of whatever start and stop times you enter. I used the UTA to determine that my crude oil system is quite successful in 5 of the 6 time periods. There is one 30 minute period that jumps out of the data that clearly does not measure up to the others. That period is the first 30 minutes that the stock market is open. So I don't take any entry setups during that time period. That alone has saved me thousands of dollars. I also used the day-of-week feature to similarly see that 4 of the 5 days are very profitable. Wednesday's stood out as a breakeven day, actually losing after commissions (which you can add slippage and fees to your calculations to make results more accurate). This made logical sense to me. Wednesday is the day that the weekly crude oil inventory report is released mid-session. So, I stopped trading this system on Wednesday's and saved myself a lot of time and money. I could go on, but hopefully you get the point of how useful the UTA is in actual application. I am very pleased that I not only own the UTA and have its power available to me, but also that I am able to work with a professional trader like TJ Noonan on a daily basis. He is very thorough, disciplined and an excellent teacher. Good luck in your trading.
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