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  1. TJ, Dang, I was hoping you would ignore this! Yeah, I figured it out. It helps if you put in time frames that reflect the actual trade data (exchange time) and not local time (Mountain time). I couldn't figure out why, when I changed the first time frame to 650 to 700, I "lost" all the data that I thought should be there. Well, DUH! :doh: All my data starts at 850 echange time, not 650! :crap: All is well, dude!
  2. I didn't menton in my original post but I am trading the 377 tick CL chart.
  3. I've been trading CL using SST since it came out in August. I've been trying various iterations of a "trade plan" using UTA as my analysis tool. I'm not the most confident of traders no matter what system I used. But in looking at both live trade results and backtesting (I'm a LOT more "confident" in backtesting! ) I've noticed something and I really need to know if it's just me or if there is "something" there. Here it is: whether it's live trading or backtesting, I get poor/crappy results from the 0912 to 0930 time interval (exchange time). Whether I lock in one tick at MM or use the Channels as my stop, I just don't produce positive results. In one testing scenario, I actually have a winning percent number for that time period, but negative Net$! Admittedly, this may be due to my temerity in trading and adjusting my entries; I'm not as "nerveless" as TJ and others! But even in my recent backtesting where I don't move my stop to BE at MM as aggressively as before, I still end up with that time period as a net money loser. Does anyone else see this in their data? What's hurting me is that even though I'm no longer trading that time window, I'm still counting winners during this period towards POQ. It's been realt tough this week since if I didn't count them torwards POQ, I could have been more profitable than I am. But I want to make sure it's not just me and that others are seeing it before I commit to not counting these towards POQ. Thanks!
  4. TJ, How do you change the analysis time intervals in UTA? I tried changing them in the data entry tah, but they don't seem to carry forward to the other tabs (e.g., Time Of Day tab). I want to look at half hour windows rather than the default ones. Thanks!
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