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  1. Another shill with multiple accounts. When the mods around here ever learn.
  2. Yeah, most shills are pretty pathetic, I agree. Shameful, truly shameful indeed, Fanus.
  3. Maybe. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U18VkI0uDxE&NR=1]YouTube - The Most Interesting Trader in the World[/ame] Maybe not.
  4. So speaks the OEC marketing shill.
  5. Yep. I'm not a shill for them either. Seems you like them a lot and post "updates" on a regular basis. OEC should be paying you or TL for your persistent goodwill on their behalf. Are you the same Chris M who works for them or something?
  6. Weekend gaps, notwithstanding. From time to time, you'll see a significant gap on an otherwise liquid instrument due to fundamental reasons, like the 6A (or AD) Aussie dollar contract this past Sunday evening (Monday morning Sydney time).
  7. Another item that traders should check is whether their stops are placed natively on the exchange, or held on the brokers server (or even worst, on your own platform) for queuing. For instance, that hard stop with OEC isn't actually in the market, on the exchange, but resides instead on OEC servers for execution upon being hit. Good luck with that in a fast moving market.
  8. Took them long enough to get with the program. Like 4 years or so? Infinity/Transact users have had this for quite awhile now. Just another OEC Marketing #FAIL. Guess their new owner figured it out for them.
  9. True, as they'll just create an alter-ego to continue the "dialogue".
  10. I guess, now we know the rest of the story...
  11. Doesn't work in this forum on would be mods-for-a-day, unfortunately.
  12. macdfx

    The Race

    Think of it like "swinging for sixes" in cricket then..: Comparison between cricket and baseball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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