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  1. I have enjoyed reading a few of your posts on some threads. I welcome you comment on a thread I just started "Fail Statistics".

  2. I think i started posting on this board in 2007 as darthtrader then would change user names as i learned to 2.0..ect...I think i stopped at 3.6... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DYrwFylaY8&feature=search]YouTube- Anakin Skywalker (The Way I Was)[/ame] I'm not a starwars nerd in the least but fuck I love the mythology of darth vader as how I learned to trade. I'm done posting here until I can post as Darthtrader4.0 in my own foolish ego driven mind... I just posted something on risk management that a think is right, but i could probably argue against myself why its wrong..next time I post as darthtrader, no one will be able to argue with me....going to fix every leak in my game... this place rules..hope it never dies or becomes anything other than a place for hardcore traders to put their brain to the fire. until my next post, may all your trades be EV+ boys
  3. Kind of meaningless without knowing the capital you are swinging...Assuming though you are trading 5 cars to take off 4/80% to leave a contract to run..i think this is -EV because you are not juicing big winners with taking all off at 1 point...Like your trying to build this steady equity curve by deleting the variance of losing vs random huge outlier wins(outlier wins that are juiced on 2 or 3 cars)....That seems to me to be a great strategy to make a break even equity curve.
  4. Randomness would have my birth name can be initialized as N.D...I'm not Bill Joy, I'm WAY lower class and ready to throw down at the drop of a hat...So done with ivy douchebags...You are so done intimidating us....Been a long time coming...You don't want to think about what I'm brining...
  5. Who would ever believe someone with this avatar....lol..May I lay down for you now master?
  6. 716 907 8611 frank...

  7. I was "darthtrader" on here back in the day..I respect, you...urmablue/Pat Ditmar and blowfish...everyone else is a joke...

    I've already got urma/ditmar's cell number..put out the pitch to blowfish...

    We could go quarters on a content site that wrecks this site if writting content...


    james sold this site was delete, i responded to it..now im scrambling..


  8. txt me old man..myself, ditmar and yourself are giving away content that is worth far more than we are giving away for free.

    I already have pat/urmablue cell number...

    txt me old man..

    716 907 8611

  9. Nevermind...Im going to continue to post my content for free lol
  10. ehhhhh....that leaves such a bad taste in my mouth.. where there is blood there is opportunity :haha:.
  11. Well that is interesting..can anyone else confirm this?
  12. Anyone every contemplate such madness? Backtracking for years and years... Just to be able to leverage what you know/learn recursive function wise? The idea markets are fractal is bullshit IMO but "markets are recursive".....is a much different story... If you backtrack to an AI idea that markets are recursive, LISP makes soooo much sense. Anyone ever go through such CS nonsense to be forced to wade through this miserable txt http://www.amazon.com/Structure-Interpretation-Computer-Programs-Engineering/dp/0262011530/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1282366424&sr=1-1 I had started on it a decade ago then this bitch broke up with me...
  13. You are obviously going to want to code to FIX...if that isn't the last step in the decision though..don't know what to tell you, other than you are deluding yourself. If we could all be "rich" we would all be poor relatively speaking...Literally if I told ya, I would have to shoot ya.
  14. meh..this is just dancing around the question of where James/soultrader has been at? I assume over a year ago he blew the fuck up prop trading and is just staying afloat on managing this site.. Would love to hear the story..I joined because of his videos back in the day...his long term success was rather meaningless to me although I can't say I wasn't routing for him..........
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