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  1. When you set up in a new location, try to run a few ping tests on your internet connection and see what kind of response time you're getting. I'm not the most computer savvy person but what I've heard is that you should look for a response of 100 ms or less. Anything more than that is probably too slow and may be a good day to take a break from trading, or trade smaller size. Some advice I heard elsewhere which I thought sounded wise: -use hotels which have an ethernet port in the room. -don't really want to trade on a public wireless network, for security reasons as well as ping. -If you can't find a hotel with ethernet ports, use an internet cafe. -Don't expect the same speed and reliability you get trading from home or from an office. -Have your brokers' support numbers in case his connection drops -don't place lots of resting limit orders -don't trade so much size that a 5 min disconnect would screw him over -be careful trading news releases I think a lot of us would like to hear about your experience of trading on the road
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